Each year at Fish Alaska magazine, we make our way through piles of gear, testing, re-testing and winnowing down the competition until we can tell you with confidence the products that are going to keep you stylish, safe and catching fish. All that research gets compiled into our Fish Alaska gear review, published each March with a lot of excitement (and a little relief). Here is some of the fishing equipment we love.

Blog post by Marcus Weiner

But sometimes it’s hard to wait all the way until March to tell you about the products that are knocking our socks off! And since we have this shiny new website, well, now we don’t need to. So check back here often because once a month – or maybe more, depending on how impatient we get – we’re going to highlight one of the Gear Review frontrunners. It might be something totally new or an old standby, but either way, you’ll know that it’s a product that straight-up delivers.

Yakima Bait Maglip 3.5
If you are targeting big steelhead this month, include this deadly plug in your arsenal. When high, dirty-water makes more subtle presentations ineffective, try back-trolling a cerise black tiger or any of your favorite color combinations and get ready! Try out the 4.5 and 5.0 for kings.

Fishing Butler
These handy, padded, adjustable loops are sold in pairs to hold rod sections together during travel. We’ve now used them on many trips and are much better able to keep rods from getting tangled with one another while fully rigged.

Seaguar STS Salmon and Trout / Steelhead Leader Material
This fluorocarbon line is supremely abrasion resistant and provides solid knot strength. It’s nearly invisible underwater and fast sinking, so your offerings get down quickly in front of unsuspecting salmon and trout. All good qualities for an Alaska-specific leader.

Pro Cure Anise Bloody Tuna Super Gel
Slather your favorite plugs, spinners, spoons, wobblers, or anything else you plan on dragging through the water to entice a salmon to bite with this new Super Gel flavor from Pro Cure and your catch rates will increase.

Auger Tow
Once spring hits and daytime highs reduce the necessity for an ice shelter, try going light and fast to the ice fishing spot. The Auger Tow is a high-tech carrier for your auger crafted in Big Lake, Alaska and designed to fit most snow machines and four wheelers. Throw your rods and tackle into a pack, strap on a gas can and  Auger Tow and you are off on another ice fishing trip. Longer days and warmer temperatures make this a great time to be on the ice. Be mindful of ice conditions.

HT Polar Fire Ice Auger
Hot knife through butter is the proper imagery when it comes to how this auger chops through the ice. We drilled 50+ holes in an afternoon with about two ounces of fuel. It took two pulls to get it started and one pull every time thereafter. Reliable, smooth and fuel efficient, if you like to ice fish, go get one of these augers.

Tuff Kids Outdoors waders
This new company is providing outdoor clothing solutions for the youngest of hunters and anglers. Their boot bottom waders appear to be just the solution for getting new anglers into the water while keeping them warm and dry. We expect to see a lot of great products from Tuff Kids Outdoors.