Are you big and tall? Short and small? Oddly sized or uniquely shaped? I bet you have had a hard time finding chest waders that fit correctly, right? Several years ago, you could get custom-fit waders from the big manufacturers like Orvis, LL Bean and Simms. These days, nearly none of them offer this program. What theyhave done instead is standardize their extended-size offerings, so many outdoor enthusiasts are limited, not by access to suitable land for their sport, not by laws or regulations, not even by their health. You may be one of these frustrated folk. You love the outdoors and get out any chance you get but just can’t find waders that fit.

USIAWaderBLOG_VERT.jpgNot just fit, but waders that will last, that will stand up to the surf and the rocks, that are built with the pride and expertise of a skilled American worker and constructed with the best materials available by a company that has a proven record of customer satisfaction. Not to toot our own horn, but USIA offers that very service: full custom sizing, designed to fit you specifically. But there is one problem you may be wondering about: “How do you try on waders on line?” This is probably what is making you so reluctant to buy custom-made waders from a website. It’s understandable. Buying anything online is a gamble, especially clothes, and especially clothes that have been specially made to fit you and only you.

At USIA, we have been making customized dry suits for almost four decades. We have been offering waders for two decades, and in that time we’ve developed a system of measurement and customization that will ensure your waders will show up at your door ready to wear. What can you do to ensure you can get the right waders for you? At USIA, we recommend you follow this guide, and you will be rewarded with the waders of your dreams, or at least waders you will be proud of.

Measure Twice…

The most important aspect of getting your waders to fit correctly is obviously taking your measurements. On our website, we offer a handy-dandy chart that illustrates clearly what areas of your body should be measured and how. We highly recommend you have another person assist you in measuring to ensure accuracy. And the old adage of measure twice, cut once, couldn’t be more appropriate. Be doubly sure of your measurements and your waders will fit fine.

Decisions, Decisions

After you’ve carefully recorded your measurements, take some time to decide what kind of options you want built into your waders. First is color. We offer over 100 color combinations on our base layers and overlays, including several kinds of camo, so there is something for just about everyone. Next, you will want to consider if you need pockets, belt loops, a shotgun shell holder, a relief zipper, a T-zipper and more. Consider that USIA waders are ‘bombproof’ and will likely last you several years. They are versatile and will serve you in many different capacities, so plan ahead, the options are important.

Feet Don’t Fail Me Now

We are assuming that by this point you know what you will be using your waders for, when and where. Of course these factors come into play in a major way when you make your footwear decision. Some people (kayakers and boat anglers) want the versatility of wearing their own shoes or boots over the top of our latex or fabric socks. Fly fishermen prefer a more solid yet flexible option like the Servus boot. And for the truly demanding sportsman (hunters and waterfowlers) who put a lot of strain on their gear and tread heavily through varied rough terrain, we offer BOGS as a footwear option.

Don’t Be Shy

We have been making dry suits and waders for many years at USIA. We know our stuff. If you have any questions or if you run into troubles in the process of ordering your waders, we are just a phone call away at 800-247-8070. Call us anytime Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Pacific time and a friendly sales representative will be more than happy to assist you.