Clearly, serious hard-water anglers will need to choose lines dedicated to ice fishing. While many modern superlines will suffice in a pinch and offer some of the characteristics critical to ice anglers, a number of manufacturers offer options designed specifically for success during the winter fishing season.

Ice fishermen need lines that won’t absorb water, freeze and become brittle. Secondly, since you’ll be presenting baits and tackle at various levels of the water column, you’ll want to pair your line to the application—whether offering micro baits at 20 feet, aggressively jigging for char or spooning lake trout in deeper waters. Following are justsome of the advanced lines on the market today.

Berkley FireLine Micro Ice Fused Crystalfireline_micro_ice_fused_crystal_1142197_1_og.jpg

As with the other products in the FireLine array, the Micro Ice Fused Crystal provides incredible strength (three times stronger than mono) while not sacrificing sensitivity, allowing anglers to still feel subtle takes at depth. Its super thin diameter makes this line ideal for working the tiniest baits.

Berkley FireLine Ice Fused Original

Also featuring a thin diameter to enhance lure action, the FireLine Ice Fused Original offers an exceptionally strong line that retains solid sensitivity, while remaining supple even in the coldest temperatures.

P-Line Floroice

Featuring a silicon fluorocarbon coating, Floroice resists freezing and stays limp in any weather condition, making it a great choice for targeting lakers in the Alaska interior.

PowerPro Ice

Offering sensitivity along with abrasion resistance, this ice-fishing-specific line from PowerPro is available in four pound-test sizes, from 5- to 15 pounds. Less water retention, flexibility and great knot performance are additional highlights.

Stren Ice Pony

This strong yet pliable ice line delivers outstanding tensile and knot strength and fits most reels.

Sufix Ice Magic

When planning to fish the deeper end of the water column, you can’t go wrong with Sufix Ice Magic as your line of choice. A high-performance monofilament that features special additives to deter water absorption, the line also sinks faster than most other lines, helping deliver a more natural presentation.