For those of sound and sane mind, winter in Alaska is a time to tie flies, sharpen hooks, and oil reels. It’s a time for snowmachining, skiing, and ice-skating and is generally the time to catch up on the neglected sleep left over from the fishing season. At gatherings around the fireplace, you’ll hear stories of the trophy rainbow or barn-door halibut caught when the rivers were open and the ocean was a bit friendlier. It’s usually not the time for fishing. Wait—not the time for fishing? You must be mad! That’s why we were ready to go icefishing by Argo.

Ice Fishing by Argo

by Marcus Weiner

We at Fish Alaska all too often find ourselves restless during the dead of winter and looking for new places to jig through the ice. Have you ever wanted to go exploring for new ice-fishing locations? You’d like to take some friends or the family but find yourselves with not enough snowmachines and looking at a lake too far away to reach by hiking. In pursuit of a solution, we decided to try a different tool—the Argo. This content is available for subscribers only.

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