Kenai Fishing Season & Species

Kenai fishing

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Fishing Season on the Kenai

You can fish year round on the Kenai, but the peak fishing season is during the summer. After the snow melts in May fishing on the Kenai River heats up peaking in the summer months of June and July into August, things slow down again in September and October until anglers switch gears to winter fishing.

Kenai fishing

Popular Kenai River Species

King Salmon

The name alone commands respect: King! But call it Chinook, tyee, blackmouth or any other, there is no doubt that it is the biggest and baddest of all salmon! And at the top of this list is the Kenai River king! Read more.

Silver Salmon

Kenai River silvers arrive in the nick of time: just about the time that one is completely burned out or turned off by the huge crowds, intense nature and necessary patience of king fishing, the wonderful silver salmon begins to show in the lower river. Read more.

Sockeye Salmon

Until one actually hooks their first sockeye salmon, it is hard to imagine such strength and speed is possible from such a compact fish. Likewise, it is unlikely that anyone can imagine how delicious these fish are until they sample that deep, firm flesh. Read more.

Rainbow Trout & Dolly Varden

Chile. New Zealand. Katmai. Destinations that quickly bring visions of giant trout when mentioned amongst trophy anglers. Add to this elite list the Kenai River, a place that comes alive with gorging rainbows and aggressive Dolly Varden char every late summer and fall. Read more.

Kenai River Sport Fishing Regulations

Alaska Department of Fish and Game updates regulations each year. It is important to always check the latest regulations and emergency orders before you head out. Find the latest regulations from ADF&G.

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