Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle Jig Hook RigsKCFT-Jig-hook-rigs-2017-2.jpg
Kodiak Custom Jig Hook Rigs allow you to quickly change the double-hook skirted system on their Bottom Fish Jigs or to get creative by using them for numerous other applications. A size 10 split-ring attachment makes switching to a different color fast and easy. The Live Bait 8/0 trailer hook is attached to an O’Shaughnessy 9/0 main hook via 400-pound-test monofilament line and the setup is beefcake tough! Kodiak Custom Jig Hook Rigs are approximately 6 inches long and available in 7 color options.

Mepps Magnum AgliaMeppsMagnumAglia.jpg
If you’re looking for a spinner that stays deep in heavy current, the new Mepps Magnum Aglia is for you. Everything about it is big from its 1 1/8 ounce weight to its Magnum #7 blade and heavy duty 3/0 treble hook. The Mepps Magnum Aglia is a full 125% heavier than their standard #5 Aglia. No other spinner hugs the river bottoms where trophy salmon hang out better than the new Mepps Magnum Aglia.

Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle Bottom Fish Jigs—3 New ColorsKCFT-new-jigs-2017.jpg
Kodiak Custom Bottom Fish Jigs added three new colors to their fleet—Black/White, Arctic Bird and White in sizes 6-, 10-, and 14-ounce options.  Kodiak Custom bottom fish jigs are designed to catch anything from World Record sized halibut, lingcod and yelloweye rockfish to all the tasty bottom feeders that dwell on the ocean floor.  Use with or without bait and jig 1-10 feet off bottom while bouncing the bottom regularly.

P-Line Tactical FluorocarbonP-Line-Tactical-Fluorocarbon.jpg
P-Line Tactical Fluorocarbon was developed with the mentality that every cast matters, knowing every knot can be the difference between the fish of a lifetime or heartbreak. Tactical Fluorocarbon was created to have awesome castability, supreme invisibility, and the pinnacle of sensitivity, with an industry-setting standard for strength and durability. As with all P-Line fluorocarbon, Tactical has a refractive index which makes it virtually invisible once it enters the water, and because the line is three times denser than nylon, it has a much faster sink rate and transmits strikes much better than monofilament. It’s available in 200-yard spools in sizes from 6- to 20-pound-test.

P-Line SS Fluorocarbon LeaderP-Line-SS-Fluorocarbon-Leader.jpg
Salmon and steelhead fishermen should be excited about the latest line introduction from P-Line, SS-Fluorocarbon Leader, which was designed for the salmon and steelhead angler. P-Line used the latest in Japanese raw materials and extrusion to create the perfect blend of invisibility, knot strength, and durability. SS Fluorocarbon is tough and abrasion-resistant, while remaining supple enough to tie solid knots. SS Fluorocarbon Leader is available in 100 yards spools and ranges in size from 6- to 40-pound-test.

P-Line ‘Sassin JigsP-Line-'Sassin-Jig.jpg
P-Line has expanded their lead jig family with the ‘Sassin jig. The cupped design on one side and the scaled finish on the other half of the body make the jig unique. These features imbue the lure with motion and flash when retrieved. Each is rigged with a Mustad 3X strong hook on a solid welded ring and with a crane swivel on the eye of the lure. The jig is available in six colors and five sizes (1-, 2-, 3-, 4- and 6-ounce) and sports two oversized offset eyes.

P-Line XTCB-8 Braid Hi-Vis YellowP-Line-XTCB-8-Braid-Hi-Vis-Yellow.jpg
P-Line XTCB-8 is an 8-strand braided line which features DuPont’s Teflon Surface Protector and is abrasion-resistant, flows through the rod guides with less friction and allows for longer casting. XTCB-8 is constructed using eight strands of fiber during the braiding process, which allows for a braid which is extremely tight and compact. XTCB-8 is tight, compact, round, and now in addition to a low visibility green, this line is available in a high visibility yellow color. XTCB-8 in the high visibility yellow is available in 10-, 15-, 20-, 30-, 50, 65- and 80-pound-test in spools of 150- or 300 yards.

P-Line 3.5-inch Sunrise Squid SkirtsP-Line-3.5”-Sunrise-Squid-Skirts.jpg
The Sunrise Squid Skirt family now features a 3.5-inch model which come six to a pack. All Sunrise Squids feature a UV coating for increased visibility in the water, and a limited number of skirts feature glow material for high visibility during low light conditions. Sunrise squids are now available in six sizes and a wide range of colors.

Ahi USA Live Deception Jig, 8-ounceAhi-USA-Live-Deception-Jig.jpg
We’ve used various sizes from 2- to 6 ounces of this jig in both the Anchovy and Sardine patterns and absolutely crushed the bottomfish over the last two years. At this point we’ve caught many species of rockfish, as well as coho, lingcod and halibut. In 2016, we compared the 2-ounce version we were using to the local baitfish (after rockfish were spitting them up on the deck) and the size and coloring was spot-on. Recently we acquired the 8-ounce version and intend to deploy it on the north end of Prince of Wales Island in 2017.

Silver Horde Two Face Kingfisher Lite and Coho KillerSilver-Horde-Two-Face.jpg
The “Two Face” is a collaboration between Silver Horde, Sportco/Outdoor Emporium and Steelhead University. It will feature fish-catching colors on both sides of the spoon, as well as scales and eyes. It will be offered in the Kingfisher Lite and Coho Killer spoons in black, purple and green, all in UV. All will come rigged with a sickle hook. Anglers should be excited to get these enhanced versions of the already-proven Coho Killer and Kingfisher Lite into the water in 2017.

Seaguar Abrazx Musky/Pike LeaderSeaguar-AbrazX-Musky-&-Pike-Leader.jpg
This fluorocarbon leader material has been designed as a replacement for wire leaders when targeting fish with big, sharp teeth. We think this would be a good choice for northern pike and lingcod. It’s tough and nearly invisible, providing excellent knot strength. Choose from 80-, 90-, 100- or 130-pound-test.

Salamander Sinkers Single Loop SinkerSalamander-Sinkers-Single-Loop-Sinker.jpg
The Single Loop sinker is designed for anglers who like slinky and pencil lead sinkers. The no swivel sinker outperforms its competition due to its hard tube body which has flexibility to slide over rocks and obstructions. Lead free, it is outstanding at reducing friction which decreases snags. They are great for river drift fishing.

Mack’s Lure Wiggle Hoochie 4.5-inchMacksLureWiggleHoochie.jpg
The Wiggle Hoochie’s hook is attached by a duo-lock snap swivel; this allows an angler to easily and quickly change hooks. It is rigged on 40-pound fluorocarbon for strength and leader invisibility in the water. The Wiggle Hoochie’s unique crank-style bill design produces a quick, erratic, vibrating action that drives predatory fish to strike. Add in the hoochie skirt with pulsing tentacles and you’ve got the makings of a dynamite lure. It comes in several proven UV colors. Mack’s Lure suggests that you try one behind a Sling Blade dodger. Use it wherever you might troll for salmon or trout including rivers, lakes, bays and the ocean. With this product, we especially like that you can replace any of the four components of the lure and be back to fishing quickly.

Pro-Cure Bait WaxxPro-Cure-Bait-waxx-w-Shrimp-cap-off.jpg
Bait Waxx is an environmentally friendly formula for enhancing any lure or bait. It leaves a heavy amino acid scent trail that is proven to trigger strikes. It is made from real Pro-Cure bait scents. The over-sized oval tube makes it super-easy to apply scent. Bait Waxx’s unique formulation stays on your lures for a long time while slowly dispersing a heavy scent trail.

Eppinger Dardevle Salmon KitEppinger-Dardevle-Salmon-kit.jpg
The Dardevle salmon kit has a selection of spoons with unique action and vibrant colors that have proven to produce aggressive strikes from both salmon and steelhead, making them a favorite of fishermen from the Northwest coastal rivers to Alaska. They are available in over 100 colors including extended glow and in ⅓-, ½-, and ¾-ounce sizes.

Hot Spot Anchovy Series 11-inch FlashersHot-Spot-2.jpg
These 11-inch flashers are rigged with Sampo ball bearing swivels and stainless steel snaps. In 2017, there are two additions to the new Anchovy series: 574 Red and 575 Green Moon Jelly front faces with full Glow backs. These flashers really shine in all light conditions. There are now seven finishes in the Anchovy series.

Mack’s Lure CripplureMacks-Cripplure.jpg
The Cripplure has a specially designed ring chamber that emits a low frequency vibration that attracts fish and draws strikes. It displays a wobbling, rolling action that aptly imitates a wounded baitfish. It is now available in three styles—Original, Glow and UV—with several new colors in the lineup and 22 colors in all. Cast and retrieve the ¼-ounce lure, or troll it behind a Mack’s Sling Blade dodger.

Luhr-Jensen Kwikfish – Colors Built For Alaska
Three new Dual Dot finishes on Luhr-Jensen Kwikfish offer the high-contrast Alaskan anglers need for glacial and stained water. The three finishes, Chartreuse/Pink Dual Dots, Green/Chartreuse Dual Dots and Black/Chartreuse Dual dots, feature vibrant fluorescent paints with large two-color dot patterns. The finishes each offer a strong visual target for fish to key in on while the unique Kwikfish action creates powerful strikes.

Luhr-Jensen Hydro Vibe SpinnerLuhr-Jensen-Hydrovibe.jpg
Building upon the success of the Hydro Vibe Extreme in size 6.5, Luhr-Jensen has introduced an all-new 4.5 size and outfitted both sizes with a total of sixteen finishes. The new 4.5 size will target smaller silver salmon in trolling applications. The key to the 4.5 size, just like the 6.5, is the very unique blade. Featuring a large flat through most of the blade with sharply angled blade tip, and a cut vent, the blade produces an amazing amount of vibration that fish can feel and hone in on. The sixteen finishes include proven color combinations with a long history of success.

Blue Fox Candyback Vibrax SpinnersBlue-Fox-Candyback-Vibrax-Spinners.jpg
The Blue Fox Vibrax, a must have lure for king and silver salmon, only gets better in the new year with six new “Candyback” finishes. With strong fluorescent bodies and exterior blade tips, the backs of the blades are painted with iridescent candy finishes. Each of the new six finishes are created in combinations that are perfect for salmon species: Chartreuse/Green, Orange/Chartreuse, Pink/Chartreuse, Cerise/Purple, Chartreuse/Blue, Black/Chartreuse.

Acme Tackle Rattle MasterAcme-Tackle-Rattle-Master.jpg
Acme’s new Rattle Master adds sound to its roster of fish-attracting features. A jewelry-like finish draws them in while the built-in rattle causes the strike. Whether in fresh or salt water, pan-sized trout up to bragging-sized coho, this versatile lure will attract a range of Alaska gamefish. It casts like a bullet, and being made from solid brass, won’t bend, break, corrode or dull, even in salt water. It’s great for vertical jigging during ice-season too. The lure comes in 1/24– to 3/8-ounce sizes in the following: Tiger Glow Series, Rattle Standard Series, Rattle Tiger Series, Rattle Baitfish UV Series, Rattle Baitfish UV/Glow Series.

Panther Martin Holy HammeredPantherMartin_HolyHammered.jpg
Panther Martin’s holographic patterns dazzled and lured fish; their hammered spinner blades attracted fish from afar. It only made sense to put the two together to entice trout, salmon and steelhead. Unique holographic patterns shimmer and sparkle in the water and the Holy Hammered blades reflect light throughout the surface area of the blade, producing a kaleidoscope of continuous lightning flashes that are hard to miss and even harder for the fish to resist. Available in five holographic colors (Coral Tiger, Brookie, Pink Lady, Sunfish and Rainbow Brite) and six sizes.

Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Colored Octopus HooksEagle-Claw-Lazer-Sharp-Colored-Octopus-Hooks.jpg
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp launched its new line of colored octopus hooks and features seven new color options, offered in six key sizes each. With 25 hooks per package, these American-Made, Lazer Sharp needlepoint fish hooks are the perfect option for bait anglers demanding the sharpest hook point and color options to suit any condition on the water. The patented Lazer Sharp needlepoint technology ensures a sharper, stronger, longer hold, featuring a unique color coating designed to be more durable and abrasion-resistant after repeated use in the water. The range of seven colors includes: Chartreuse, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Red, Glow, Lime Green, Fluorescent Pink, and Purple. All colors are offered in hook sizes: 1/0, 1, 2, 4, 6, and 8.

Ande BraidAnde-Braid.jpg
Woven with the latest in braid technology, Ande Braid is available in 300-, 600-, 1200- and 3000-meter spools in tests from 20- through 150-pound. Graphite in color, this braid promises to continue the Ande tradition of offering the finest lines for all salt- or freshwater fishing applications.

Seaguar MAX Fluorocarbon TippetSeaguar-MAX-Fluorocarbon-Tippet-RGB.jpg
MAX Fluorocarbon is tough, abrasion-resistant and exhibits superior knot strength. It’s made with two custom 100% Seaguar fluorocarbon resins that are fused. Itsinks quickly, is just about invisible underwater and should help you fool more fishing into biting a fly. It’s available in 30-yard spools in 2.4-, 3.6-, 4.3-, 6.3-, 7.6-, 9.8 and 11.3-pound-test; this equates to sizes 1X to 7X.

Storm Wiggle Warts Craw FinishesStorm-Wiggle-Warts-Craw-Finishes.jpg
Crawdad finishes are exceptional in salmon, steelhead and rainbow trout fisheries. With deep black accents that are highly visible in river environments, six new crawdad patterns in the legendary Storm Wiggle Wart deliver easy success in all water conditions. The new finishes include Phantom Red Craw, Phantom Green Purple Craw, Ouachita Craw, Molting Craw, Blue Tiger Craw and Coppernose Craw.

Acme Tackle Hyper-GlideAcme-Tackle-Hyper-Glide.jpg
The new Hyper-Glide lure has several interesting features, but perhaps the most unique one is that the lure’s “wings” deploy when it falls- causing it to glide and search out wide areas underwater. These same wings “flutter” when jigged, looking just like pulsating fins, and also emit fish attracting noise for unprecedented action and attraction. The Hyper-Glide covers water very effectively and ice angers will appreciate the incorporated VDrop System (VDS). VDS prevents wing-deployment and ensures a fast vertical drop to get back to fish quickly. VDS also keeps the lure in the sonar cone of a flasher or locator which allows anglers to see right where the lure needs to be in the water column.  Once the correct depth is reached, a simple sharp snap releases the line from the VDrop System, and the wings again deploy. No batteries are required for wing-deployment, these baits are water-powered. They’re effective for both ice and open water fishing and provide an action that fish simply haven’t seen before and a variety of applications that anglers never thought possible.