Macadamia Crusted Halibut

by Loren Hollers of Soldotna, Winner 2008 Fish Alaska Reader Recipe Contest 

Serves 4-6

Halibut Portions
4 cups Macadamia nuts
2 cups Panko Oriental breadcrumbs and cracked peppercorns
10 skinned halibut fillets, 1-inch thick by 4-5 inches long
12 eggs


1/2 cup water

Preheat oven to 350ºF. Coarsely chop macadamia nuts. If using food processor, be careful not to make “butter.” Stir in breadcrumbs and cracked peppercorns to taste. Set aside in large bowl. Drain and pat dry halibut with paper towel. Roll fillets in salt and peppered flour. Dip in egg wash (12 eggs mixed with 1/2 cup water), will be very sticky. Roll floured and egg-washed fillets one at a time in Macadamia/Panko coating. Actually “pack” the coating onto the sticky fillets. Shake off excess. Put coated fillets into 1-inch deep hot oil (350º to 400ºF). Fry only 1 minute on each side to a nice crispy golden brown and place on lightly greased cookie sheet or baking dish. After fillets are fried, place in oven for exactly 10 minutes. Fillets will be crusty and very moist. Remove immediately and serve with mango or peach slices and a side of the Mango and Peach Chipotle Salsa.

Mango and Peach Chipotle Salsa
1 whole mango
1 whole peach
1 small sweet onion or 1 cup green onions with tops
1 whole red pepper, seeds removed
1 whole yellow pepper, no seeds
Jalapeño peppers to taste, seeded
2 cups fresh cilantro
Juice of 1 whole lime

Chop all ingredients to a “salsa” texture.