by George Krumm

Spey swivels prevent twist in your running line, thereby reducing the frustration and downtime that twisted, coiled, kinked running line causes. They make your running line perform better, especially if you use monofilament running line. If you install a spey swivel between your running line and shooting head, your running line will perform flawlessly, with no kinks or coils to inhibit your casting; just smooth, limp running line, no tangles, and no frustration. In this video, we show you how to make your own spey swivels.

Repeating the same cast over and over, from the same side of the river, will eventually cause enough line twist to accumulate in your running line that it tangles and catches on guides, your reel, and itself, spoiling your casting and wasting time. The spey swivel prevents line twist from occurring, completely eliminating the problem.

Commercially manufactured spey swivels used to be available from RIO and from the Fly Fishing Shop in Welches, Oregon. However, RIO has discontinued theirs, and the Fly Fishing Shop recently sold and currently spey swivels aren’t available from them. Even if they were, both companies sold them in packs of three for about $30, so it makes sense to consider making your own.

I’ve never had one of my spey swivels fail—not on a fish—and not on a snag, either. The swivels I use to make them are either SPRO Power Swivels (size 10, 35-pound-test or size 8, 50-pound-test) or Gamakatsu Superline swivels (Size 10, 35-pound-test or size 8, 50-pound test). These swivels are small enough to easily travel through spey- or switch-rod guides and are strong enough to not be a point of failure. The braided material is 30-pound-test, so it’s generally not a point of failure either, as long as the spey swivel assembly is properly constructed.

If you want to enjoy the casting and fishing benefits of limp, untwisted running line…If you want to eliminate downtime cause by snarled, ratty running line…If you want your running line to perform better and last longer…Make yourself some spey swivels. They really work.

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