Fishing videos are an extremely popular means of learning new riggings, techniques, and presentations to make you a better angler. Our Fish Alaska monthly Vlog series has been designed with that in mind. Each month we will bring you insider information on how to be more successful as an angler in Alaska. The angling landscape is widely varied across the Great Land, with both saltwater and freshwater fisheries of various complexities dotting the landscape, and our Vlog series is aimed at helping reduce the fishing learning curve.

Fishing videos come in many forms. Our Vlogs examine one topic at a time and delve into the specifics. Our first Vlog covers the concept of a Universal Salmon Rigging System. Salmon can be fished in many different ways and by using this system, you can easily transition between techniques in both freshwater and saltwater. This efficiency is a time saver, and quite helpful when you employ various presentations. It allows you to use the same rod for various techniques, provided that they call for a rod of similar specs, and by reducing the time spent rigging, your time spent fishing increases which usually means your catching does too.

The next fishing video in our Vlog series details an effective rig for catching halibut. The Halibut Reaper Rig combines a 7.5-inch P-line Sunrise Squid, 9/0 to 11/0 Maruto Barbed Octopus hooks, a Wally Whale Scent tube and Yakima Bait Corkies to make an enticing rigging that incorporates sight and scent. And with a wickedly sharp Maruto hook (s), when a halibut bites, it often gets hooked.

Our July 22 Vlog takes a close look at how to create your own custom Mono Spinner, also called a Soft Spinner. As you may infer from the name, Mono Spinners are ones built using monofilament or fluorocarbon rather than traditional wire. Editor George Krumm shows you how to make these spinners and gives some insights into the 360 flashers and associated break-away mechanisms associated with fishing Mono Spinners using 360 flashers.

In our August fishing video, the Vlog focuses on making Twitching Jigs. Fishing with twitching jigs continues to gain in popularity and for good reason. It’s fun as heck, catches lots of species, is effective in different types of water and usually inspires ferocious strikes. This fishing video instructs you on how to build your own twitching jigs, allowing you to truly customize your lure. Plus, it’s substantially less expensive to build your own twitching jigs as opposed to buying them, and as this video demonstrates, they are not difficult to create.

Upcoming fishing videos will focus on a range of topics. In the near future we’ll show you how to make a double braided loop and using a similar technique with a different result, how to make spey swivels. We’re also going to bring you an in-depth look at tackle systems and boat items that will make your time on the water more productive. We’ve got lots of ideas for fishing videos to help you catch more fish in Alaska; stay tuned to the monthly Fish Alaska Vlog.

  • Spiral wrap rod

Spiral Wrapped Fishing Rod

August 1, 2023|Comments Off on Spiral Wrapped Fishing Rod

Spiral wrapped fishing rods are stable under heavy loads, making them especially well suited to fishing for large Alaska bottomfish. The simple spiral is the simplest, and for many types of rods, arguably most Read More...

  • Boat Anchoring

Boating Accessories Part 3

January 6, 2023|Comments Off on Boating Accessories Part 3

Anchoring systems is the focus of Part III of the Fish Alaska vlog series on Boating Accessories. Editor George Krumm talks about items at the bow end of his boat, which make Read More...

Boating Accessories Part 2

December 1, 2022|Comments Off on Boating Accessories Part 2

Tackle organization is an important concept, when you fish from the bank or from a boat. In this video, Fish Alaska Editor George Krumm shares information how he organizes tackle in his Read More...

Boating Accessories Part 1

November 1, 2022|Comments Off on Boating Accessories Part 1

Boating accessories are among the most impactful items you can add to your boat to make it fish better. In this video, Fish Alaska Editor George Krumm shares information about boating Read More...

Making Spey Swivels

October 1, 2022|Comments Off on Making Spey Swivels

by George Krumm Spey swivels prevent twist in your running line, thereby reducing the frustration and downtime that twisted, coiled, kinked running line causes. They make your running line perform better, especially Read More...

Making Double Braided Loops

September 6, 2022|Comments Off on Making Double Braided Loops

by George Krumm Double braided loops will help make the factory loops of your fly lines and sink-tips last indefinitely. They serve as the junction between sink-tips and leader material, or between fly Read More...

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