New Field Accessories for Fishing in Alaska in 2016

Ego S2 Slider Large Guide Net
The EGO S2 Slider Large Guide landing net has been designed to meet the requirements of both the recreational and professional angler and features the most advanced handle technology available. Featuring Measure Net technology, the Slider Guide Net provides the advantage of hands-free fish measurement, and additionally, the mesh bag has been designed with a zipper system that allows for quick and easy replacement of the mesh bag. 

Ego Mini Grip
Whether you are an avid kayak angler always looking to conserve space or a serious angler needing a grip tool that is well-constructed, compact, efficient and economically priced, the Ego Mini Grip has been designed to meet your requirements. The comfortable “T” handle design makes it easy to hold and lift heavy fish, and the entire body and jaws are made from aluminum, so you never have to worry about corrosion. 

Arctic Ice Chillin’ Cradle
The Chillin’ Cradle is the latest innovation from Arctic Ice to keep your beverage cold while keeping your cooler organized. The curved design comfortably cradles many sizes of cans or bottles, maximizing space and providing better surface contact to those beverages. 

Spyderco Sprig
The Spyderco Sprig is specifically designed for processing small game and fish and is ground from an advanced alloy for increased wear resistance. This translates to an exceptionally keen and long-wearing edge that is ideal for extended use in the field. 

Hatch Outdoors Nipper
The Hatch Nipper is crafted from 6061T6 aluminum and protected with type II Anodize. The replaceable cutters are made from tungsten carbide for abrasion resistance and reliable cuts through mono andfluorocarbon materials.

OPST Wading StaffOPST.png
The OPST Wading Staff is a four-section aluminum staff with a hardened tip that self-assembles thanks to an internal bungee cord; just throw it out into the air and it will come together without any awkwardness. The handle is PVC foam that secures to a tether with a clip. It has a spring-loaded height adjustment with six different settings, and it comes in a neoprene case with a sleeve for a wading belt in the field. 

Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp LFK1 – LFK2 Custom Saltwater Fillet Knife
The LFK1 – LFK2 Custom Saltwater Fillet Knife is available in two blade sizes and is built strong enough for saltwater conditions, making it the only fillet knife you need for Alaska fishing, regardless of your area. Custom-built features like the built-in sharpener keeps the blade super sharp while a sheath keeps it safe and easy to grab while on or near water.

Promar ProGrip GlovesPromar.png
The new insulated ProGrip gloves from Promar offer a solid grip even when wet, making them the perfect companion to every Alaska fishing trip. The fleece lining is comfortable, warm and ideally suited for handling and cleaning fish, crab, prawns, and gear.  

Plano A-Series Tackle Backpack
Plano’s new A-Series Tackle Backpack will carry the essential gear you need to make the most of any angling adventure. Five Plano 3600 StowAway tackle trays are included and fit into the bottom of the pack’s main compartment, providing secure storage for dozens of lures and other terminal tackle components, while a separate upper storage compartment zips open to reveal cavernous storage for bulkier items like reels and accessories, line spools, clothing, camera gear, portable electronics, food items and more. The interior face of the main compartment cover incorporates a large, zippered pocket and three mesh pockets for organizing such personal sundries as keys, wallet, smartphone and sunglasses. 

Sabre Red Pepper Gel KitSabre_Red.png
In 2016 Sabre is introducing a new pepper gel kit to maximize familiarity, confidence and safety. This training bundle prepares you for proper deployment if and when you are faced with a dangerous threat, and includes a keychain pepper gel, practice gel, target and training video.

Umpqua Zero Sweep PacksUmpqua.png
More quality time on the water and less time untangling line caught on buckles, nippers, hemostats, retractors, fly patches and all of the other crazy stuff fly-fishermen tend to dangle off of their packs is the end result of this all-new design from Umpqua. The design features a unique system of ports and attachment points for go-to tools, keeping everything snag-free yet still at your fingertips.

COAST FL85 LED Focusing Dual-Color LED Headlamp
This durable LED headlamp combines focusing, dual-color beams, COAST’s industry-leading optical technology and a compact size. Conveniently, both the light and batteries are together in the front of the light, providing added comfort and ease of use. For extended hours in the field or on the water, this is a valuable tool every Alaska outdoorsman should consider.

FoodSaver GameSaver Big Game Vacuum Sealing System
This vacuum-sealing system handles big jobs like a pro and is designed to travel with a convenient carrying handle, AC adaptor for field use, as well as built-in roll storage and cutter. Featuring big rubberized buttons and an extra-large removable drip tray, this workhorse is made for heavy-duty, repetitive use and can handle up to 80 consecutive vacuum-seals to preserve up to 240 pounds of fish and game. Get your outdoorsman some extra bags and he is ready for a season of processing choice Alaska fish and game for the family to enjoy all year.

Counter Assault 30th Anniversary Bear Deterrent
Counter Assault Pepper Spray and Bear Deterrent, long a Fish Alaska favorite, is celebrating its 30th Anniversary in 2016 and is offering special packaging as a result, which will include a commemorative knife with the Counter Assault logo etched on the blade as a free gift.

Work Sharp Guided Sharpening System Upgrade Kit
The Work Sharp Guided Sharpening System is a complete sharpening solution for every knife you own, and now with this new Upgrade Kit you can expand your system to repair damaged blades, sharpen a wider range of tools and create the ultimate cutting edge. Included in the kit are extra-coarse and extra-fine diamond plates, a leather stropping plate, two angle guides and a micron honing compound.

The Creek Company Walton’s Thumb Fisherman’s Multi-Tool
This ingenious fisherman’s tool features 10 unique functions that any angler can appreciate. There are 4 lever-operated functions, including pincer, cutter, crimper and split-shot remover, and 6 more functions, including the folding tools: knife, screwdriver, split-ring remover, scissor, hook-eye cleaner/knot pick and lanyard ring. The Walton’s Thumb is made of stainless steel, small enough to hangfrom your vest or keep in your pocket and packed with unique features not found on any other fisherman’s tool. 

Klim Pieps Jetforce Electronic Avalanche Airbag
For winter adventurers, the Pieps Jetforce is the first electronic avalanche airbag with jet-fan technology that only needs ambient air for inflation. Safety is priority one in the Alaska backcountry, and this is one product that’s immediately set to become a must-have. Available locally at Eagle River Polaris & Arctic Cat:

Delorme Earthmate Hunt Edition App
If you’re looking for an exceptional mobile GPS app, this new offering from Delorme promises  everything you need to scout, map, coming complete with cacheable hunting maps, high-detail topographic data, online hunt planning tools, including routes and waypoints, unlimited cloud storage for all of your data and intuitive GPS tools. 

Frontier Safety & Supply Compact Officer Response Emergency (CORE) Kit 
This compact, rugged, clear vacuum-sealed bag with easy-to-open tear notches is equipped with the most effective components at the best value available on the market. It is a great option for stopping backcountry moderate or severe bleeding. It contains the newest Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T®), Combat Gauze and a 4-inch Flat Emergency.  Frontier Safety and Supply strongly recommends this product. 

Diamond D Guide’s Choice™ Chest Holster
Whether you are fishing, hiking, biking or hunting, the Guide’s Choice™ Chest Holster will keep your firearm within easy access for quick draw no matter your setting. Last year Glock introduced their newest firearm, the G40 MOS and asked Diamond D Custom Leather to be the exclusive holster maker for the introduction. Sportsmen and adventure seekers alike choose the Guide’s Choice™ Chest Holster for protection and so should you.