The PackRaft Alaskana (PR-49 PackRaft) is a 15-lb packraft designed specifically for Alaskan adventures. This 9-ft packraft has an impressive 850-lb load capacity and is constructed of tough PVC material using 420-denier side tubes and 840 denier floor thickness, with plenty of lashing points and strong handles for ergonomic dragging and lining around hazards.

Special design features include a revolutionary seat and cargo sling that provides high performance control and effective load displacement. Each raft comes equipped with a mesh seat and cargo sling, double-action air pump, a robust repair kit with extra material for extensive repairs, a 240-cm four-piece Aqua-Bound kayak paddle, and a PVC carry bag for easy transport to the field. An optional inflatable floor insert is available. Larry Bartlett designed this packraft to provide an extreme access option for serious hunters and anglers, and this boat is ideal for wilderness streams with character ratings of Class I-III. Customers can expect extremely shallow draft with moderate loads.

The PR-49 HD (Heavy Duty) is now available for boaters who require a little more abrasion protection from dragging threats, river hazards, or marine environments (barnicals and shell fragments).  This model comes in a black on gray color option, provides 840-denier chafe guards on each side tube that extend up the sidewalls 4.5 inches, and adds approximately 1.5 pounds to the pack weight and $75 to the cost.  The full package comes complete with the same accessories as the standard PR-49.