April 2006 | All About Trout


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Tubing Shrimp 18

Building versatile crustaceans with renowned fly-tier Scott Sanchez. Using creative materials along with these easy-to-follow instructions you’ll have your own “shrimp louie” in no time.


Big Trout Eat Big Leeches 

by Tyson Radley O’Connell

Tyson Radley O’Connell brings to light the fact that over-sized trout eat over-sized things. Be ready with these big imitators.

Effishency Pays Off 

by Scott Haugen

13 big tips on making the best of your fishing time, including what to do (and what not to) when you’ve located fish, what to take with you, how to minimize your scent on baits, and much more.

Crown Jewel 

by Marcus Weiner

Publisher Marcus Weiner visits the fish kingdom of Iliamna and comes back with trout hot spots, wildlife sightings, and a report on a “gem” of a lodge.

Steelhead Saga 

by Dave Atcheson

Big adventures abound on small streams of southeast Alaska. First-class accommodations make this trip all that much more fun.

The Aniak River 

by Pudge Kleinkauf

Expert fly-fisher Pudge Kleinkauf has a soft spot in her heart for the Aniak River system. This prolific playground responds to fly-fishing with a healthy variety of over-sized beauties.

COVER / Wendy Gunn with a beautiful Kvichak River rainbow. © Terry Gunn