August 2002 | Silvers, Silvers and More Silver Salmon


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Glacier Brewhouse Salmon

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Sand Candy 

by Rich Johnson 

This sand lance pattern is nothing short of “sweet.” 

Topwater Salmon 

by Tony Weaver 

FA exclusive “how-to” for best results when the fish are high. 

Brute Force 

by Marcus Weiner 

Being prepared is everything when you pursue these bruisers. 

Alagnak Variety Pack 

by Jerry M. Wylie 

70 miles of fishing on one of Alaska’s first-class rivers. 

Wrangell Retreat 

by Bonnie Demerjian 

Slow down and enjoy the easy pace of this little-known Southeast fishing gem.

Chromers on the Fly 

by Dave Kilhefner 

Kodiak stillwater silvers. 

Coho Awakening 

By Rich Culver 

Silvers in the salt. 


Fish Prince of Wales 

John Beath takes you to luxury fishing in southeast Alaska’s generous waters