August 2004 | Lots of Coho, Salmon Shark on the Fly


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The Redheaded Stealth 

by Rich Johnson 

Fly expert Rich Johnson ties up a hot number for coho.

The Silvers of Saltery Lake Lodge 

by Dave Atcheson 

Explore the riches of Alaska’s Emerald Isle.

Silvers in Transition 

by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr. 

E. Donnall Thomas, Jr. enjoys Alaska’s premier saltwater quarry with a fly rod.


Photos by Brian O’Keefe
Essay by Troy Letherman

A photo essay that takes you to the action.

Big Fish with Big Jim 

by Melissa Norris 

Publisher Melissa Norris explores the saltwater fishing opportunities in Juneau with Big Jim’s Charters and some Fish Alaska readers.

Shark on the Fly 

by Marcus Weiner 

Some of Alaska’s largest wet predators are still under the radar for most fisherman. If you want it big and rough —here’s the fish for you!

Fish Cold Bay 

by Tyson O’Connell 

Beautiful and unforgiving, Cold Bay, Alaska, is the “end of the earth” for some fisherfolk.


Slack-Water Silvers 

by Scott Haugen 

Fish in water you wouldn’t expect to be productive. Here are all the tips and techniques for making that sluggish water come to life!

COVER/Tyson O’Connell with a Volcano Bay silver. © Tyson O’Connell