March 2004 | From Grayling to Gear for the Greatland


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Alaskan Fishing Gear


Creatures from the Black Lagoon 

by Boris Popov 

Silvers of mythic proportions drive this writer to return each year as the salmon do.

Truly Arctic Grayling 

by Les Gara 

Fishing ANWR wasn’t on Les Gara’s mind when he was growing up in Brooklyn, but as an adult the vision of fishing and floating the Far North has bewitched him.

Arctic Icons 

by E. Donnall Thomas Jr. 

Grayling have saved more than one fishing trip in Alaska. E. Donnall Thomas Jr. describes his admiration of these little gems.

Floating the Kisaralik 

by Marcus Weiner 

Rainbows, Chinook and some of the wildest, untamed river in southwest Alaska makes for an unforgettable summer adventure.


New Gear Preview 

A look at what’s new for 2004.

All-tackle, Fly gear, and great stuff for everyone in this extensive collection of must-haves for the Alaska fisherman.

COVER/ Gary Anderson and son, Doug, pose with a nice Kisaralik rainbow. © Kay Anderson