August 2011 | Wandering Haines Alaska

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EZ Limits: A Guide’s Angle 22

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Fish Alaska Travel: Wandering Haines

by Andrew Cremata

Weird fishing in a beautiful setting freaks out Andrew Cremata, but it doesn’t stop him from catching fish! Here is beauty and bounty with just a little bit of spooky thrown in for good measure!

Fish Alaska Fly: Spey & Switch

by Fred Talleen

With so many options to choose from, Fred Telleen finally has gone over to the Spey side. Learning that using two hands are definitely better than one when it comes to the power required to fish some of the bigger rivers Alaska has to offer, Fred whips up some water with a big two-hander.

Boxing the Baker’s Dozen

by Cecilia “Pudge” Kleinkauf

Boxes and boxes of flies. Which ones to use? Pudge Kleinkauf straightens it all out with the coolest boxes in which to keep the various types of flies we use in Alaska.

Fish Alaska All-Tackle: Coho Extreme

by JD Richey

Don’t let high or low water situations send you running home . . . JD Richey fishes the toughest conditions and shares his expertise that produces results in rough water of any kind.

Fish Alaska Travel: Petersburg Potpourri

by Terry Sheely

Join Terry Sheely on a tour of “Little Norway.” Fishing, eating and sight-seeing wrap up a very entertaining package of Alaska, southeast-style.

COVER/A beautiful day in Alaska. Photo © Jim Klug