March 2002 | Winter Fishing Options


From the Editor -5

Publishers’ Welcome -6

Readers’ Lines -8

Alaska Fishing News -10

Fishing for a Compliment -14

Gear Review -18

Pudge on the Fly -22

Inside Alaska Angling -70

Featured Fish Recipe -76

The Final Drift -82


Burbot: A Whole Lota Names

by Troy Letherman

Going after one of Alaska’s least sought (and tastiest) sport fish.

Get Ready . . . Get Set . . . Go Fishing!

by Greg Brush

With breakup right around the corner, now’s the time to get that gear ready to go.

No King Like Snow King

by Jim DiMaggio

From Resurrection to Kachemak Bay, the time for kings is now.

Listen to your Guide: An Alaskan Lesson

by Doug Wilson

Fishing by the numbers at Prince of Wales Island’s Waterfall Resort.

Tying and Fishing the Bead Egg

by Joe Warren and Peter Bakum

How to choose and tie the perfect bead egg for Alaska’s finicky rainbows.

Fish Talkeetna, Alaska

by Marcus Weiner

The “All-star Trio” fishes and visits in Talkeetna.


All In A Day’s Fishing: Making the Scene inSoutheast 

by John Hyde 40

Juneau’s John Hyde photographs the wildlife found while fishing in Southeast Alaska.