August / September 2006 | Trophy Trout Tactics


Editor’s Creel 6

Alaska Traveler 10

Fishing for a Compliment 14

Advertiser Index 74

Recipe 76

Final Drift 82

Mega Egg 24

Whether you like your eggs over easy, colored, or by the dozen you can choose from this Fish Alaska exclusive of two dozen methods to create an effective arsenal of egg patterns.
by Scott Sanchez


The Kodiak Clouser 

by Dave Kilhefner

This bucktail fly is certainly no dumbell. Well, yes it is. That’s why it catches so many fish!

Tube Flies for Trout 

by Tyson Radley O’Connell

Tyson Radley O’Connell ties an infinite number of tube flies that improve catch-and-release techniques, increase catch rates, improve durability and improve presentation. Here he shows Fish Alaska readers how.

Tundra Trout 

by Troy Letherman

The unexpected beauties of southwest Alaska in spectacular images and lyrical prose. Photo essay by photographer Terry Gunn and Fish Alaska editor Troy Letherman.

Rainbow’s End 

by Scott Haugen

Be it silvers or trophy redsides, being where the fish are is imperative to catching them. This southwest Alaska location produces everything.

Silver Treasures 

by Kathy Anderson

Associate publisher Kathy Anderson finds something different (and impressive) every time she goes to Sitka. This Southeast adventure adds to her treasure box of memories.

Float Trip! 

by Rene Limeres

Rene Limeres has a beautiful, wild adventure riding and fishing the rivers of southwest Alaska.

COVER / Tundra Rainbow. © Terry Gunn