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Nushagak Nostalgia and Eggnog

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The Crown Jewel of Alaska’s Chinook Rivers and the King Camps We Love
by Marcus Weiner 36

Publisher Marcus Weiner has fished the Nushagak for kings many times since starting Fish Alaska back in 2001. Over the years, he’s sampled several different operations on the river and here he shares information on four specific, quality operations to consider if you’re dreaming of Chinook on the Nush’: Nushagak River Adventures Lodge, Alaska Kingfishers, Frigate Travel, and Bristol Bay Adventures.

Nushagak Silvers
by Melissa Norris 44

Often overlooked because of the legendary Chinook run that makes the Nushagak famous, coho salmon flood into the river in big numbers. Publisher Melissa Norris details the silver salmon fishing on the Nush’ from Nushagak River Adventures Lodge, one of the few lodges that remain open to target coho.

Diversify for Nushagak Kings
by Scott Haugen 50

The Nushagak is a big river with a big run of kings. It is a great place to learn virtually any king-fishing technique you want to learn, whether you want to backtroll plugs, fish a bobber and bait, backbounce, boondoggle, downtroll spinners, or whatever. Minor differences in presentation and bait/lure modifications can lead to better success, and in this article Scott shares some of these secrets and insights gained over numerous trips to the Nush’.

The Nushagak River: Not just for Kings
by Jenny Weis 54

Big numbers of king salmon are what most anglers think of when they hear the word Nushagak. However, the river far upstream of the usual king salmon fishing grounds delivers an intimacy few have experienced—a river that can be wade fished and that delivers other species in good numbers and sizes. Mousing or swinging rainbows? Grayling on dries? Big dollies? Yep, and more. It’s a very special watershed, but with a big, dark cloud on the horizon.

2020 Holiday Gift Guide Pt. 2

by Fish Alaska staff 34

Our editors contribute gift ideas for anglers and sportsmen for the holiday season.


COVER / Chef Chris Lee from Nushagak River Adventures Lodge with an early-season, chrome king. © Nushagak River Adventures Lodge

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