July 2016 | Summer Salmon on the Chilkat

July 2016 Issue


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Mousing Madness for Grayling
by Mike Lunde 42

Although Griffith Gnats, Elk-hair Caddis, Stimulatorsor other traditional fly patterns catch countless grayling, a mouse imitation skated across the surface can incite several acts of fish violence. Here Mike Lunde takes us through the patterns, rigging, technique and presentation necessary to take sailfins with mice in Alaska.

Egg Curing Through the Decades
by George Krumm 52

Back in the mid-1970s there were no cures on the market and salmon-fishing newcomers had to figure it out the hard way. But as Contributing Editor George Krumm explains here, as far as egg cures are concerned, we’ve never had it better, or easier, than we do now.

Photogenic Rainbow Trout 
by Nick Ohlrich 60

For catch-and-release anglers, having the right equipment and a rehearsed plan for your on-the-water photography session is essential, and it will help preserve the resource for future generations.  

River Kings: No Bait, No Problem! 
by JD Richey 68

Of course roe is a pretty tough offering to beat, but when and where bait is banned, you can still do very well on kings with a variety of artificials. Here JD Richey looks at several effective techniques to use when bait is off limits, including bobber-doggin’, casting plugs, drift fishing and swinging spinners.

A Day in the Life of a Charter Captain
by Tom Watson 76

Hours before you’ve arrived for your fishing charter, and for hours more after you’ve retired to your cabin, a fancy five-star Alaska restaurant or whatever else after the fishing day has ended,
your captain and crew are busy with the tasks required to put you and everyone else on the fish. Here’s a primer on what it takes to skipper in the Last Frontier. 

Summer Salmon on the Chilkat 
by Terry W. Sheely 84

Contributing Editor Terry Sheely goes adventuring on the east side of the Chilkat Peninsula and discovers an angler’s dream, throwing lines into wild, pure, remote and lonesome water just minutes by floatplane from the capital city of Juneau. 

COVER / Soldotna resident Kristin Dunn with a chrome coho. © Tony Davis, Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle.