June 2002 | Inside Sockeye Angling


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It’s all in the net.

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Breathable waders.

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A Patch in Time 

by Tracey Harmon

A FA How-To that could save your trip, if not your life.

Tying the Sockeye Charlie 

by Rich Johnson

Go sparse and catch more reds.

Sockeye on a Fly? 

by Curt Trout

You bet! Reds don’t have to be “force fed.” They will take a fly. Try this exclusive FA How-To.

Sockeye Secrets 

by René Limeres

The mysteries of fishing Alaska’s feistiest salmon.

Red Rendezvous 

by Lance Irving & Charlie Summerville

Alagnak. The river is home water to 600,000 reds. Experience a free-for-all of exhilarating sport.

The Red Net 

Photo Essay by Dave Vedder

The excitement of dipping reds is shared by young & old.

Swan Lake Sojourn 

by Dave Atcheson

Take a break from the hectic pace of salmon runs and relax with a trout of a canoe trip.


Fish Kodiak Alaska 

by John Beath

The “Emerald Isle” of Alaska is a treasure trove of fishing.