June 2006 | Saltwater Issue


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Alaska Traveler 8

Fishing for a Compliment 12

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Final Drift 98

Silvers & Sharks 71

A tale of frustration, fatigue, rough water, and the biggest Alaska fishing adventure of all: Salmon Sharks!
When you are using cut-plug salmon for bait, and your boat is surrounded by shark fins, it’s almost guaranteed to be the “trip of a lifetime.”
by Terry Sheely


The 40-Pound Roll 

by Dave Kilhefner

Preparing and rigging plug-cut herring for deadly salmon results. Wear gloves!

Pounding Pinks 

by Scott Haugen

Scott Haugen shows you how to increase your catch-and-release salmon numbers this summer, and tells you why it’s okay to target pinks.

The Hasselborg Experience 

by Chris Shaffer

Admiralty Island in southeast Alaska has some hot fishing. This little-known creek is smokin’!

Fishing with My Daughter 

by Stan Cunningham

When a buddy canceled out on a trip to Alaska it was the best thing to ever happen to this father-daughter pair.

Monsters from the Deep 

by E. Donnall Thomas

E. Donnall Thomas fly fishes beyond the top-water for these odd and exciting salt creatures.

10 Tips to Super-Braiding Salmon 

by Andy Couch

Guide Andy Couch shares his expertise in the world of increased catches using super braid lines.

Alaska’s Other Saltwater Fish 

by Ruta Vaskys & Martin Freed

Ruta Vaskys & Martin Freed discuss the merits and techniques of catching something other than salmon
or halibut in Alaska’s saltwater.

COVER / The ultimate challenge, the elusive salmon shark. © Swifty’s Alaskan Adventures