June 2008 | Top to Bottom Saltwater Edition


Guest Editorial 8

Alaska Traveler 14

Fishing for a Compliment 18

Haugen’s Tackle Tech 24

Richey’s Salmon Sense 28

Derby Calendar 117

Fish Alaska Recipe 118

Advertiser Index 12

Final Drift 122

Fish Alaska Special

Big Boats for Big Water

by Keith Jackson 50

Keith Jackson reviews boats for all kinds of Alaska saltwater from Inside to Outside. Choosing the right boat can make all the difference.


Fish Alaska Fly: Conehead the Barbarian 

by Scott Sanchez

Scott Sanchez ties a fly with “muscle” for you. Widely appealing & easy to make, this conehead might be just what the barbarian ordered.

Flyfish Halibut 

by Paul Christensen

Halibut? Are you sure? Yep. Paul Christensen found just the right captain with the right attitude that got the job done.

Fish Alaska All-Tackle: Bait Wraps 

by Dave Kilhefner

Add scent to your bait with this dynamic technique. Demonstrated by Dave Kilhefner.

Rocks ON! 

by JD Richey

JD Richey takes you and your light tackle on a memorable rockfishing adventure. You won’t believe the fight you’ll get from these “Rockys.”

10 Tips to More Halibut 

by Captain Andy Martin

More, bigger, better. Captain Andy Martin lines out a strategy that makes the best use of halibut time.

Fish Alaska Travel: Petersburg 

by Stan Cunningham

Stan Cunningham creates a wealth of memories.

The Other Side of POW 

by Terry Sheely

Visit the undiscovered wonders of the east side of Prince of Wales Island with Terry Sheely.

Deep Creek Marine 

by Mike Chihuly

The launch of your life, the fish of your dreams. Mike Chihuly captures this unique fishery.

Clam Fest 

by Gregg Thomas

Cook Inlet takes on two new meanings with Gregg Thomas doing the fishing. . . er, ah . . . digging.

Fish Alaska Safety: Part 6: Wilderness Survival 110

by Melissa Norris

Know what you can use, what you can’t and how to tell the difference. Melissa Norris shows you how.

COVER /Halibut this size are mighty fine eating. © Andy Martin