June 2003 | Sockeye Secrets


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Jake and the Bears


The Mini-Crystal Shrimp

by Rich Johnson

This “red catcher” will attract even the most jaded sockeye.

The Secret Cure 

by Scott Haugen

Explore the rewards of curing salmon roe with expert Scott Haugen.

Sockeye on the Fly

by Jim Teeny

Jim Teeny reveals the low-down on flyfishing for those persnickety reds.

Solstice Reds

by Jerry Wylie

Expert advice—where, when and how to fish Alaska’s famous sockeye salmon.

Summer Salmon

By Matt Hage & Megan Baldino

Join the subsistence camps on the Yukon River in their search for sustenance.

Fish Brooks River

By Cecilia “Pudge” Kleinkauf

Famous bears and famous fishing provide extraordinary experiences for fly fishers.


Mel Krieger Profile

By Jim Repine

A flyfishing legend revealed.

Cover photo credit is Jim Teeny