March 2003 | Pike, Lake Trout and Ways to Get Your Kids on the Water


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Tying the Seducer 

by Rich Johnson

Pike on a fly? Here’s a surefire producer that’s easy and guaranteed to knock-em-dead.

Summer Dreams 

by Troy Letherman, Photos by Brian O’Keefe

Tired of winter’s white? Fast-forward the season with this colorful photo essay.

The Ice of March

by George Krumm

Jigging for winter lakers provides some big fish to stave off winter doldrums.

Water Wolf!

by Troy Letherman

The next world-class pike will be caught in interior Alaska . . . so say the experts. Fish Alaska takes you to there and shows you how.

Fish Elfin Cove, Alaska 

by Doug Wilson

A diminutive and picturesque location that produces tremendous saltwater fishing.

Profile: Lefty Kreh 

by Jim Repine

Flyfishing legend exposed by one of his cronies.


Take a Kid Fishing! 

by Greg Brush

Sharing your favorite sport with your kids is easy and a great way to teach them respect and responsibility.

Argo How To 

by Marcus Weiner

Taking advantage of icefishing the Greatland? Here are a few tips to get you there in style.