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The MarxBros. Grilled Salmon with Pineapple-Cucumber Salsa, Orange-Miso Dressing, and Nori Wrapped Green Beans

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Fish Alaska’s annual gear test results. These items represent the Best of the Best, the Best Value and our editor’s Field Favorites from the 2006 line-up.


Campfire Magic 

by René Limeres

About this time, just the pictures of salmon cooking on a campfire should make your mouth water. Here’s how to make the best of Alaska’s shore lunch including a packing list and recipes.

HOT New Gear for 2007 

Fish Alaska‘s editors and publishers have sifted through tons of gear and come up with these great, gotta have new tools that will help you catch more fish.

Center Pin Fishing 

by Tyson Radley O’Connell

Tyson Radley O’Connell shares this proven technique using a unique arrangement of gear to drift fish for salmon and trout.

World’s Best Spinner Bodies 

by Dave Kilhefner

Tired of the spinners on the market? Know there’s just got to be something better? Here Dave Kilhefner shows you how to design and make your own using simple materials.

COVER / A collage of gear for the Greatland. © Linda Lockhart