March 2015 | Annual Gear Guide

March 2015 Issue


Editor’s Creel  6

Fish Alaska Online  8

Tackle Tech  10

Salmon Sense  12

EZ Limits: A Guide’s Angle  14

Fish Alaska Fly  16

Fish Alaska Boats  18

Fish Alaska Salt Water  22

Fish Alaska Stillwater  25

Fish Alaska Recipe  102

Advertiser Index   104

Final Drift  106



Editors’ Choice Awards

After another year in the field, Fish Alaska’s editors have returned with their reviews on a full range of equipment, putting everything from tents and camp stoves to fly rods and waders through the Alaska gauntlet. Here’s what emerged, the best of the best we handled in 2014.

New Gear 2015 

It’s a new year and 2015 holds a lot of promise on the equipment front, as we can’t wait to get our hands on several dozen products making their debuts in the coming weeks and months. It’s all here, so get to reading, and get those wishlists started.

Retailer’s Choice Awards

No one knows better which products sell to Alaska anglers and why than those who do it for a living, and here’s what our state’s retailers are saying about their favorite pieces of gear from the past year.

Tacklecrafter: Aero Puffs by Dave Kilhefner

With gear readied and the snow and ice receding, it’s time to think steelhead, and here Dave Kilhefner dials up a new recipe on an old concept, producing an outstanding offering for mint-bright metalheads.

Tackle SPECIAL: Packing to Cast by Steve Meyer

Whether traveling to Alaska or traveling within Alaska, pack rods make things easier; Steve Meyer details some ideas and options for the itinerant angler.