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On the cover: Gear tested and approved for our 2023 Editors’ Choice Awards. © Melissa Norris



2023 Editors’ Choice Awards by Fish Alaska Staff

Fish Alaska editors test gear throughout the year in a variety of fisheries to identify the cream of the crop in a wide range of categories including: Rods; Reels; Tackle; Line; Knives and Cutting Tools; Field Accessories; Watercraft and Accessories; Waders; Wading Jackets and Wading Boots; Apparel: Jackets and Pants; Apparel: Layering; Apparel: Footwear; Apparel: Accessories; Polarized Sunglasses; Kids’ Gear; Luggage, Packs and Cases; and Camping. If you’re in the market for items in these categories, be sure to review this year’s Editors’ Choice Awards before you buy.



2023 New Gear by Fish Alaska Staff

Every year, a wide variety of new products are launched. We’ve gathered information on some of the most promising new products to hit the market in the last several months and some that will be available soon. Some of these will likely garner ECAs in next year’s gear review issue. Be sure to check them out!



Batson Enterprises—Team Rainshadow by Troy Buzalsky

Batson Enterprises is the premier provider of custom rod-building blanks and parts on the West Coast. They produce and distribute a dizzying array of blanks and components to help you build the perfect rod for whatever technique you employ or species you pursue. Troy Buzalsky visited Batson Enterprises to learn more about them and he shares it all with you in this article.



The Secret Sauce by Melissa Norris

Kodiak Legends Lodge in Larsen Bay is ground zero for this story. The saltwater around Kodiak Island is among the most productive in Alaska, located on the northern edge of the Alaska Current. Healthy populations of bottomfish and mixed stocks of salmon grow fat on the area’s rich baitfish populations. Publisher Melissa Norris calls Kodiak Legends Lodge one of her favorite angling destinations. Read on to find out why.



Boat Voltage and Its Effect on Fish by Josh Leach

All boats, when sitting in water, put off at least some electrical charge. Depending on the voltage being discharged into the water, your boat may attract fish, or repel them. Josh Leach explains how to test your boat’s natural voltage, and what to do to fix it if it’s “hot.” He also explains “black box” technology, which can help you dial your voltage to levels attractive to particular species.