May 2006 | How to Catch More Kings


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Fish Alaska On The Fly


Flip’s Fat Freddy 

by Rich Bobby

“A sure bet that you’ll get five-times more hookups!” is the claim for this oversized, two-hook salmon nailer.

Fit for a King 

by E. Donnall Thomas

Accepting the challenge of the north’s toughest fly rod quarry is contributing editor E. Donnall Thomas—and here are his techniques for meeting it.

Take It To The Bank 

by Scott Haugen

If you are looking to increase your king salmon success from shore—here are 10 hot tips from Scott Haugen.

Frog Pond Hogs 

by Tyson Fick

Still waters run deep and so do king salmon . . . let’s see . . . rocket science or just great fishing possibilities?

Never Chase a Jumping Salmon 

by Steve Stumpf

Trophy-class kings in southeast Alaska? Yep, if you know where to look. Long-time guide Steve Stumpf shares his best tips for finding them.

10 Steps to More Kings 

by Ruta Vaskys & Martin Freed

Why shouldn’t you put your hands in the water? What to do when fish are scarce and 8 more great techniques to increase your catch.

Big Fish, Big Prizes, Big Fun! 

by Andy Couch

Guide Andy Couch lets us in on what’s new and where to catch that prize winning fish in the Mat-Su King Salmon Derby.


Spey to Play 32

Large and in charge, the art of Spey fishing has hit Alaska in a big way. Here are tips and resources to help get you started in this advanced fly-fishing technique from our editor, Troy Letherman.

COVER / Noel Estalilla and his platinum Kenai king. © Francis Estalilla, MD