May 2003 | King Techniques to Catch More Chinook


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Saltwater Smorgasbord 50

Fish Prince of Wales Island’s spectacular Waterfall Resort with publishers Marcus Weiner and Melissa Norris. By Marcus Weiner


Bjorn’s Super Prawn 

By Rich Johnson 

Tie this sure-fire fly for feisty chinooks!

Timing is Everything 

By Greg Brush 

Expert advice to put you on fish everytime.

Fish Can’t Back Up!

By Capt. Jake Jordan 

An exclusive Fish Alaska How-To technique that will ease the strain and make those lunkers easier to fight.

Monsters on the Fly

By Jim Teeny 

Fly fish for extra-large Alaska kings with one of today’s best-known experts.

Are You Ready to Rumble? 

By J.D. Richey 

Taking on freshwater’s heavyweight champ.

Fish Upper & Lower Lake Creek

By Dave Doucet and Alan Powers 

For the spirited adventurer, this clearwater creek offers a cornucopia of fishing opportunity.

COVER/ King Salmon. © Wayne Norris