May 2008 | Kings Across the Board


Editor’s Creel 6

Alaska Traveler 10

Fishing for a Compliment 16

Haugen’s Tackle Tech 20

Richey’s Salmon Sense 22

Fish Alaska Recipe 92

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Fish Alaska Travel: Hot Kings 

by Terry Sheely

Seven days of the hottest king action in Sitka. Join “Bait” the halibut nose-biting terrier and Terry Sheely for this exciting week of productive saltwater fishing.

Lake Marie Lodge 

by Stan Cunningham

Stan Cunningham ventures to the secluded and idyllic setting of Lake Marie Lodge, where the only fishermen he saw were the other lodge guests. Can you really catch too many “fish-of-a-lifetime?”

Fish Alaska All-Tackle: The Nushagak Knot 

by Dave Kilhefner

One of the most successful tackle arrangements for fishing on the famous Nushagak River is demonstrated here by Dave Kilhefner.

Eggstra Special Salmon Baits 

by Scott Haugen

Arguably the best natural bait in the world of salmon fishing, eggs require special care and handling for good results. Join Scott Haugen for a curing spree that will make the best baits for the best results.

Fish Alaska Saltwater: The Lure of Salmon 

by Capt. “Tat” Tatterson

Capt. “Tat” Tatterson goes beyond the basics of catching salmon with this in-depth look at the science of location and timing.

Fish Alaska Fly: Hickman’s Party Boy Leech 

by Jeff Hickman

Why fish with a boring fly when you can tie up this whammo wonder designed by celebrated fly designer and guide, Jeff Hickman.

Fish Alaska Safety: Part 5: Wilderness Survival 

by Melissa Norris

Knowing what to do to keep yourself warm and dry are very important in any survival situation. Melissa Norris shows you how to build a shelter and start a fire using whatever (no matter how little) you’ve got to work with.

COVER / A beautiful king. © Brian Woobank