May 2021


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Kings and Reds


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38 Inside the Numbers: King Salmon Hook and Release Research
by Mark Wackler
Chinook salmon are highly resilient creatures. CnR mortality has proven to be remarkably low in a few different studies, notably the studies done on the Kenai and the Nushagak. Kenai guide Mark Wackler digs into the data and summarizes it in a way that is easy to understand. All who are interested in catch-and-release Chinook salmon fishing should read this article.

48 Advanced Sockeye Techniques
by JD Richey
Many, if not most anglers pursuing sockeye salmon, believe that sockeyes bite so infrequently that it’s not feasible to limit out on bright fish that willingly take the lure or bait. However, chrome sockeyes do bite in certain situations, and you can limit out if you employ the techniques described in JD’s article.

56 What’s for Dinner: A look at some of Fish Alaska’s favorite salmon recipes
by Melissa Norris, Marcus Weiner and George Krumm
Alaskans have outstanding opportunity to harvest seafood. Being avid anglers as well as seafood lovers, we have identified some of our all-time favorites—recipes which have proven to be easy and delicious. We’ve included both a dry-brine and a wet-brine smoked salmon recipe, King Salmon Poke Bowl, Blackened Salmon Street Tacos with Crack Sauce, Scrumptious Salmon Burgers, and Levi’s Favorite Salmon Burger.

66 King Photo Essay
by Fish Alaska staff
Alaska’s state fish has provided sublime memories for anglers of all ages. It’s not always the biggest fish that provides eternal memories; sometimes it’s a first king, sometimes it’s the situation, and often it’s memories etched into our minds of important people in our lives enjoying the Oncorhynchus tshawytscha experience.

On the Cover: Avery Lane from Texas, poses next to a beautiful Kenai king set to be released boat side. © Avery Lane

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