April 2003 | Flies, Lures and Techniques to Land Metalheads


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Frank’s Fly 

by Rich Johnson 

A great steelhead fly with many variations. Best to carry some of each.

Steelhead Odyssey 

by Tony Weaver 

A roundup of the very best steelhead fisheries in the state and how to fish them.


by Greg Thomas 

A hard-headed youth comes to terms with his responsibilities through the challenge of steelhead fishing in southeast Alaska.

Steelhead on a Jig 

by Scott Haugen 

New techniques and jigs to help you cover more territory in your quest for steelies.

Fish Tangle Lakes, Alaska 

by Cecelia “Pudge” Kleinkauf

An archeological wonderland of freshwater fishing amid some of the most beautiful country you’ve ever seen. Just be sure to take a spare tire or two.

Profile: Lefty Kreh, Part 2 

by Jim Repine 

Up-to-date with the flyfishing legend.


It’s a GASS! 

by Melissa Norris 

The eagerly awaited Great Alaska Sportsman Show takes place April 3-6 in Anchorage. Fish Alaska explores the history of this huge success and takes you behind the scenes for a sneak peek at this year’s show. 

COVER/ Southeast steelhead. © Greg Thomas