October / November 2006 | Freshwater Fishing Special


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Final Drift

Romancing the Prince on the Edge of Winter Alaska fall steelheading is not for the faint of heart, but the rewards can be spectacular.
by Rene Limeres


Polarized Drift-Fishing 

by Timothy Kusherets

When fishing from shore, sometimes you’ve got to shake things up a bit. Here Timothy Kusherets demonstrates his topsy-turvy drift-fishing technique.

Salt Boats 

by Marcus Weiner

Publisher Marcus Weiner provides an introduction into saltwater boats with this informative, exclusive Fish Alaska How-To.

Pike Top to Bottom 

by Scott Sanchez

Fly-tying master Scott Sanchez shares his absolute favorite tips and techniques and (of course) flies for catching the monster pike that lurk in Alaska waters.

Jewels of the North 

by E. Donnall Thomas

A stunning display, by one of Alaska’s least-fished quarry. The tiny, fierce, jewel-like cutthroat trout of Southeast.

The Alaska Margarita 

by Angelo Peluso

Here’s a cocktail of colorful feathers to shake up your fly box when searching for Alaska’s salty silver salmon.

Novice Fly Fisher? 

by Pudge Kleinkauf

Pudge Kleinkauf shares her expertise for getting the uninitiated into the loop and into the fish.

COVER / A beautiful Dolly Varden char. © Barry & Cathy Beck