Saltwater Smorgasbord

Prince of Wales Island’s Waterfall Resort

By Marcus Weiner

As one happy angler bobbed up and down—in rhythm with both the gentle rocking of the seas and the rod pulsing in his hands—the next hooked his own Chinook chromer. “Could it be?” I voiced internally, just as a third rod slammed down under the mighty strike of another king.

With open-mouthed amazement, I watched as the whirl of activity increased, our companion boat initiating the complex dance of fishermen otherwise known as the quad hookup. Four anglers, four simultaneous king salmon. A pair of these sea lice-laden freight trains broke the 35-pound barrier, while the other two each eclipsed the 40-pound mark.

Only smiles were left once the action had abated, leaving one thing abundantly clear—on this June day, beneath this perfect Alaska sky, there was no place any of us would have rather been than fishing from Waterfall Resort on Prince of Wales Island. This content is available for subscribers only.

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