Seared Salmon

This seared salmon recipe combines incomparable Alaska salmon with fresh herbs, bright citrus and sweet Castelvetrano olives to make this delicious dish that is sure to be a favorite.

Recipe by Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

Serves 4


½ c parsley leaves, coarsely chopped

⅓ c pitted Castelvetrano olives, coarsely chopped

2 tbsp chives, sliced

1 tbsp shallot, minced

2 tsp fresh lemon zest

1 garlic clove, minced

¼ to ½ tsp red pepper flakes

3½ tbsp extra virgin olive oil, divided

Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper

½ tsp smoked paprika

4 (6-ounce) wild Alaska salmon fillets

2 small lemons, halved


Step 1: Prepare salsa verde

Stir together parsley, olives, chives, shallot, lemon zest, garlic, and red pepper flakes. Drizzle with 2 tbsp olive oil, tossing to coat. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Step 2: Prepare salmon

Combine paprika, 1 tsp salt, and ½ tsp pepper. Sprinkle and rub paprika mixture onto fillets. Heat a large, heavy skillet over medium heat until hot; add remaining 1½ tbsp olive oil, swirling to coat. Add fillets skin side up and cook until golden brown, about 4 minutes. Turn fillets over and cook until golden and just cooked through, about 3- to 4 minutes. Remove and let stand a few minutes. Cook lemon halves cut side down until charred, about 2- to 3 minutes.

Step 3: Serve

Arrange fillets on a serving dish. Spoon salsa verde on top of fillets. Serve warm with charred lemons.

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