Seward fishing trips combine excellent angling, marine wildlife, scenic mountains and rugged, wild coastline. Halibut, lingcod, rockfish and salmon are all on the menu when you fish from Seward with Alaskan Fishing Adventures.

With four boats based in Seward, Alaskan Fishing Adventures can help you succeed in catching a multitude of these hard-fighting fish. They offer two types of trips; either a day trip or a long range overnight charter. The long range overnight charter allows an angler to get double limits and is for the hardcore fisherman that wants to fish all night long. The trips are intense and allow Alaskan Fishing Adventures charter boats to reach fishing grounds not accessible on normal day trips.

Seward fishing tripOn normal day trips, Alaskan Fishing Adventures charter boats access Resurrection Bay, Prince William Sound and the Gulf of Alaska. Starting in May, anglers can begin catching king salmon, multiple species of rockfish, and halibut. Seward fishing continues to build through the month of June and on July 1, lingcod season opens. Silver salmon begin to arrive in July, and fishing for all of these amazing species continues into August.

Seward fishing tripsSeward fishing for halibut can be especially exciting if you hook into a behemoth. Fish over 100 pounds are caught in Seward regularly. These fish will test your strength and stamina. Alaskan Fishing Adventures and Fish Alaska magazine both encourage catch-and-release of big fish. Fish in the 30- to 70-pound range provide lots of delicious meals, and are superior on the table than older, tougher fish. Plus the big ones produce lots of eggs and help propagate the species. There are some giants down there, and that’s what makes every halibut trip an exciting adventure.

Both king salmon and coho salmon will put up electric battles that spike anglers with adrenaline. Big smiles with bright fish are the precursor to gourmet meals throughout the winter. Kings are big, strong and powerful, and silvers are hard-charging and acrobatic. Both are a blast on rod and reel.

Seward fishing for lingcod and rockfish is typically excellent. Rockfish come in a variety of species, both pelagic like black rockfish and nonpelagic like yelloweye. They are fun to catch and excellent to eat. Lingcod are plentiful in the Seward area and can reach exceptionally large sizes. They are generally very aggressive and will attack just about anything that gets anywhere near their lair. Its not uncommon to hook a rockfish and have a lingcod grab hold. They may appear ugly, but trust us when we tell you that they are quite delicious to eat.

Seward fishing with Alaskan Fishing Adventures is a tremendous opportunity to catch some of Alaska’s most sought-after species in a wild and vibrant landscape.

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