Kenai Peninsula Steelhead

Kenai Peninsula Steelhead blog by Nigel FoxPhotos by Jeff Murray Kenai Peninsula Steelhead: Deep Creek, Anchor River, and more When you think of the Kenai Peninsula, salmon fishing is the first Read More...

Kenai Peninsula Steelhead2021-06-29T11:07:18-08:00

Fresh Salmon Processing

How to process fresh salmon Processing your fresh salmon at the end of the day can be a daunting task, especially if you have a lot of other things to do. However, it Read More...

Fresh Salmon Processing2019-05-13T12:19:57-08:00

Being Adaptive to Change

by Nigel Fox There is nothing more frustrating than a blown-out river when you are in the peak of the fishing season. You will go weeks with optimal water conditions and then bam, Read More...

Being Adaptive to Change2018-07-03T10:43:52-08:00

Alaska Drift Away Fishing

Find articles and blogs by the pros at Alaska Drift Away Fishing below!

Alaska Drift Away Fishing2021-11-29T11:59:08-09:00

Tips for a Drag Free Drift

Story & Photos by Nick Ohlrich There are many factors that contribute to a strong formula for consistently catching your desired species. The ability to run a drag free drift while targeting Kenai Read More...

Tips for a Drag Free Drift2018-04-19T14:34:36-08:00

Kenai River Trout

Kenai River rainbows are renowned the world over, and for good reason, as these hefty trout suggest. Story and Photos by Nick Ohlrich From the opener on June 11 through late Read More...

Kenai River Trout2018-05-07T12:57:45-08:00

Pavlov’s Trout

Story & Photos By Nick Ohlrich Ivan Pavlov was a psychologist in the late 1800s and was the guy that would ring a bell just before he fed his dogs. When the dogs Read More...

Pavlov’s Trout2018-05-07T11:45:02-08:00

The Bead & A Trout Fisherman’s Journey

Meet Mr. Bead, probably the single most-effective rainbow trout attractor in Alaska. During the salmon spawn there’s very little reason to ever fish anything else. Story & Photos by Jeremy Anderson Read More...

The Bead & A Trout Fisherman’s Journey2018-05-07T12:00:36-08:00

Why Kickers are a Good Idea

Blog by Nick Ohlrich I’ve wanted a kicker for awhile and finally broke down and bought one last year. A kicker is a small outboard, usually 5- to 15hp, which sits next to Read More...

Why Kickers are a Good Idea2018-05-07T11:09:04-08:00
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