Alaska Bear Safety: Frontiersman Bear Spray

Alaska Bear Safety in the Backcountry By Marcus Weiner Alaska bear safety is important knowledge to have to be fully prepared before going on fishing and hunting. Fishing and hunting in Alaska is Read More...

Alaska Bear Safety: Frontiersman Bear Spray2020-10-12T11:27:27-08:00

Bear Safety Defense

What it's like to take a bear defense course I’ve been interested in bear protection and a bear defense course for a while, mostly because just the mere thought of surprising a bear Read More...

Bear Safety Defense2019-06-01T10:37:28-08:00

Bear Safety 3

As fishermen in Alaska we have the need to carry bear defense products in various scenarios. When we are fishing and hiking in the backcountry of our great state, there are any number Read More...

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Bear Safety 2

Having hiked extensively in bear country Tim Rubbert has also engrossed himself in bear education. He has written two books, Hiking Safely in Grizzly Country and Hiking with Grizzlies: Lessons Learned. Both are Read More...

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Bear Safety

With the onset of summer-adventure season in the Last Frontier, May is Bear Awareness month at Fish Alaska. Many places throughout the state bring fishermen and bears together when in pursuit of river Read More...

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