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A Journey to Wood-Tikchik By Dave Atcheson As the floatplane ascends and banks, wings waving in farewell, I try to ignore the slight pang of uneasiness that wells up. It’s the realization of being truly alone, left to your own devices, in a wilderness worthy of Jack London, a completely uninhabited land that literally spans […]

By Troy Leatherman Three clearwater braids forked from the silty main channel, dissecting an extended gravel plateau left uncovered ever since the higher flows of early summer. Upstream, on the farthe

By E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.  I’m standing beside an unnamed creek that rises in the foothills of the Alaska Range and runs across a few miles of rolling tundra before emptying into one of the Bristol

Alaska’s Talkeetna River By Jerry M. Wylie A cold wind spilled off Sovereign Mountain that day. Chilled by the mountain’s mighty glaciers, the wind followed the valleys of Iron Creek and Sheep River to the Talkeetna, rippling the river’s silty glacial waters and moaning through the tops of tall cottonwoods. I lay in my warm […]

Story by Troy Letherman Alaska is unique, so it only makes sense that the state’s largest city is one of a kind as well. A thriving urban center home to more than a quarter of a million people, with

Visit Bristol Bay, Alaska; spectacular fishing opportunities with some of the most remote, awe-inspiring settings in the Last Frontier. More Bristol Bay: Overview Articles Businesses   Brist

By Darryl Quidort Of the various fish I’ve caught with a fly rod, grayling are my favorite. It’s not the difficulty of the endeavor, the fishing skill required or the great fighting ability of the grayling that draws me to them. The pleasure they have given me comes from the beautiful places their pursuit has […]

Grayling Without a doubt, the most distinctive characteristic of Arctic grayling is the large, sail-shaped dorsal fin that has come to signify the fish for so many. If the fish has another signature c

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