Fairbanks Recommended Services

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Fairbanks Recommended Services2018-11-02T11:22:24-08:00

Fishing in Fairbanks

Visit Fairbanks, Alaska; the area is perfect for the road-system angler, with plenty of highway and gravel-road access to fisheries and several beautiful campgrounds. More Fairbanks: Overview Fish Species Businesses Fish Stocking Updates Read More...

Fishing in Fairbanks2023-07-18T09:28:13-08:00

Togiak River Lodge

Togiak River Lodge © Marcus Weiner Togiak River Lodge Story  by Marcus Weiner King and silver salmon fishing are the primary draws on the Togiak The sharp knife lays open the Read More...

Togiak River Lodge2019-06-27T11:16:25-08:00

Recommended Kodiak Island Services

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Recommended Kodiak Island Services2018-11-02T11:47:17-08:00

The Surf: Kodiak’s New Fishing Frontier

THE SURF: KODIAK’S NEW FISHING FRONTIER Story and photos by JD Richey From a fishing standpoint, Kodiak Island has it all—prolific salmon, halibut and rockfishing offshore and epic stream and lake action inland. Read More...

The Surf: Kodiak’s New Fishing Frontier2018-08-20T13:19:36-08:00

Kodiak Island Fishing

More Kodiak Island: Overview Articles Businesses Fish Stocking Updates Nicknamed Alaska's Emerald Isle, Kodiak Island is one of the top places to fish salmon, halibut, lingcod, rock fish, and more! Kodiak Island Overview Read More...

Kodiak Island Fishing2019-12-30T09:40:42-09:00

Alaska Traveler: Valdez, Alaska

For the staff of Fish Alaska magazine, though based in the Anchorage bowl, going to Valdez feels like coming home. In Valdez, it seems friends can be found around every corner; in some Read More...

Alaska Traveler: Valdez, Alaska2018-03-15T15:59:46-08:00

Mythbusting Kenai River Kings

Mythbusting: Kenai River Kings Story and Photos by Greg Brush The popular Discovery Channel series MythBusters is built on a simple but fascinating premise: what is often widely accepted as common knowledge can Read More...

Mythbusting Kenai River Kings2018-03-15T16:02:14-08:00

Cutthroat Nation

Blog Post by Troy Letherman The first true trout documented in the United States were cutthroat. They were caught by Silas Goodrich on June 13, 1805, and recorded for posterity in the journal Read More...

Cutthroat Nation2017-10-10T12:46:16-08:00

Kenai River Area Articles

Kenai River Articles Early-Season Fishing on the Kenai Peninsula Keeping the Kenai King Once & Again the Kenai Lair of the Leviathan Salmon on Read More...

Kenai River Area Articles2017-10-01T15:00:27-08:00

Kenai River Silver Salmon

Silver Salmon Kenai River silvers arrive in the nick of time: just about the time that one is completely burned out or turned off by the huge crowds, intense nature and necessary patience Read More...

Kenai River Silver Salmon2017-10-01T15:23:04-08:00

Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout & Dolly Varden Chile. New Zealand. Katmai. Destinations that quickly bring visions of giant trout when mentioned amongst trophy anglers. Add to this elite list the Kenai River, a place that Read More...

Rainbow Trout2023-07-25T11:36:56-08:00

Kenai River Alaska

Visit and fish the world renowned Kenai River More Kenai River: Season & Fish Species Kenai River Fishing Report The Middle Kenai The middle Kenai River is the longest of the three Read More...

Kenai River Alaska2023-08-01T15:02:26-08:00

William “Jack” Hernandez Fish Hatchery

Article by George Krumm In 2003 and 2005, the Fort Richardson Hatchery and the Elmendorf Fish Hatchery lost their source of heat to warm water due to the closure of the Elmendorf and Read More...

William “Jack” Hernandez Fish Hatchery2018-11-29T09:42:34-09:00

Tight Lines: Campbell Creek

Article by Kalb Stevenson, PhD Campbell Creek As the snow melts each year and spring gives way to summer, I know that I will again find myself daydreaming about walking the banks of Read More...

Tight Lines: Campbell Creek2018-11-29T09:42:53-09:00
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