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Pro Tips: Hard Water Success

Ice flies are versatile and suitable for targeting many species, but sometimes fish stop biting the tried and true presentation. When the bite slows down, mix up your method to see more Read More...

Pro Tips: Hard Water Success2024-02-07T11:56:24-09:00

Sheefish Primer

Sheefish Primer Blog by Paul D. Atkins Many people ask me about sheefish—what they’re like to catch, eat, how cold it is, but mostly they ask how they can go about getting a Read More...

Sheefish Primer2021-02-03T14:11:39-09:00

Ice Fishing for Sheefish: World Record Fun

Ice fishing through four- to eight feet of ice in northwest Alaska is not something you'd want to do for stocked trout. Sheefish, however?

Ice Fishing for Sheefish: World Record Fun2020-10-16T15:05:23-08:00

Anchorage Lakes

Fishing in Anchorage Lakes by Dustin Slinker Open Water Fishing in Anchorage Lakes (April-October) Many of the lakes in the Anchorage bowl are easily accessed, with ample shoreline to fish along and public Read More...

Anchorage Lakes2019-02-21T12:17:18-09:00

2018 Holiday Gift Guide Pt. 2

Gifts for Anglers in 2018 As the holidays are fast approaching, it’s time to make those final decisions on what gifts for anglers to give the important people in your life. We offered Read More...

2018 Holiday Gift Guide Pt. 22022-11-21T16:46:57-09:00

5 Must-Haves for Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is great way to get the family outside when the lakes are frozen. Here is a short list of 5 must haves to make your time on the ice more pleasant Read More...

5 Must-Haves for Ice Fishing2018-05-24T10:20:15-08:00

Ice Fishing Videos

Check out these videos for information on ice fishing in Alaska.

Ice Fishing Videos2023-07-14T10:31:34-08:00

New 2017 Ice Fishing Gear

  HT Enterprises Total Touch DX Series Combos www.icefish.com HT’s Total Touch DX premium rods feature extraordinarily sensitive graphite composite blanks, lightweight, low-friction stainless guides to foster longer casts, comfortable “super grip” EVA Read More...

New 2017 Ice Fishing Gear2017-10-04T14:26:19-08:00

Ice Fishing | 2017 Editors’ Choice Awards

Best Ice-Fishing Gear in Alaska Frabill I-Float Jacket and I-Float Bib www.frabill.com Testers appreciated the high-quality jacket and bib that are warm, comfortable, windproof and waterproof. The jacket is a Coast Guard certified PFD Read More...

Ice Fishing | 2017 Editors’ Choice Awards2017-10-06T11:22:36-08:00

Arctic Wonder

Story and photos by Paul D. Atkins My snowmachine stood ready in the front yard, much like a horse waiting for its rider. The big blue sled made by Northern Sledworks sat at Read More...

Arctic Wonder2018-08-20T15:20:15-08:00

3 Winter Day-Trip Getaways for Alaskans

It's no secret that the long, dark and cold winter months in Alaska can be a serious downer, particularly for all of us who just love to be out there on the open Read More...

3 Winter Day-Trip Getaways for Alaskans2018-09-25T12:18:51-08:00

Fishing in Fairbanks

Visit Fairbanks, Alaska; the area is perfect for the road-system angler, with plenty of highway and gravel-road access to fisheries and several beautiful campgrounds. More Fairbanks: Overview Fish Species Businesses Fish Stocking Updates Read More...

Fishing in Fairbanks2023-07-18T09:28:13-08:00

After the Storm

The sharp crack followed a dull thud spread a smile across my face as my fishing partner looked out the window to see if the offending tree had hurt anything. She asked, “What's Read More...

After the Storm2018-10-21T22:32:02-08:00

Icefishing Shelters

Arguably, ice fishing in Alaska has a few reasons why it is nowhere near as popular when compared to the open water season. Two of which are cold freezing temperatures and bitter arctic Read More...

Icefishing Shelters2018-08-20T16:19:55-08:00

Alaska Ice Fishing: The One That Got Away

After a belated start to frosty temperatures on the Kenai Peninsula and a late November deer-hunting expedition to the Midwest, I finally enjoyed my first prosperous Alaska ice fishing adventure of the season. Read More...

Alaska Ice Fishing: The One That Got Away2018-10-14T21:29:24-08:00
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