Gifts for AnglersGifts for Anglers in 2018

As the holidays are fast approaching, it’s time to make those final decisions on what gifts for anglers to give the important people in your life. We offered some suggestions in the last issue, and we’ll bet that some of those super-efficient, ultra-organized people out there have already made lists and bought presents.

But for many of us, the holiday gift-buying window is upon us and so we offer another round of ideas to help with the process. Maybe you’ve got an ice angler on the list; if so, the SKB Ice Fishing Locker and Eagle Claw Shappell Jet Sled are great choices. Perhaps you’ve got an addicted salmon angler in the family and an Okuma rod or Beckman net would make them smile. Don’t forget to get some P-Line to put in their stocking. Maybe there is a fly tier on the list and you are stumped on what to purchase. How about a Nor-Vise? And what angler couldn’t use a boat? Our friends at Alaska Raft and Kayak offer plenty to choose from.

For the women anglers on your list, there are functional and stylish offerings from FisheWear and Salmon Sisters. And for that hard-to-shop-for person, how about an eclectic item from Alaska Fur Exchange? They offer all kinds of Alaskan gifts for anglers sure to please both residents and non-residents.

In the end, it’s the thought that counts, and we think your anglers will especially appreciate the thought you’ve given when you get them one of these items.

Best gift ideas for fishermen in 2018

Okuma Guide Select Classic Salmon Rods
The Okuma Guide Select Classic salmon rods are designed to troll or back-troll for big Chinook. The 24-ton, moderately-tapered carbon rod blanks are designed to pull heavy lead or big divers in the toughest of conditions and the ALPS stainless-steel guide frames and super-hard aluminum oxide inserts are designed specifically to hold up to braided lines. The 3K woven carbon-fiber fore- and rear grips make it easier to get these rods in and out of your rod holders and are very durable. The Guide Select Classic is the most durable salmon rod series in the Okuma lineup.

Alaska Fur Exchange
Alaska Fur Exchange is a truly Alaskan store filled with amazing handmade arts and crafts. They carry a wide range of fur pelts, fur products, leather, beads, masks, soapstone, whalebone, ivory, kuspuks, mukluks, hats, scarves, slippers, fur bed spreads, antler art, ulus, wolf, lynx, wolverine and fox taxidermy rugs, life-size mounts, thousands of beautiful jewelry items, and so much more. Check out the amazing 10,000-year-old professionally-restored mammoth tusks for sale complete with custom walnut stands.



FisheWear Radical Red Fish Design
The new Radical Red Fish design by FisheWear is a fun and funky appreciation for redfish. With application beyond Alaska, FisheWear seeks to produce high-quality, stylish and fun gear for women who fish. Available in their leggings, tote bag, neckwear and wading belt, Radical Red Fish is a bright and funky design that your fishing ladies will love.


Eagle Claw Shappell Winter Camo Jet Sleds
The Eagle Claw Shappell Winter Camo Jet Sleds are constructed with rugged, high-density polyethylene and are built to run over variable terrain. These thermo-formed sleds are available in three different sizes, feature a realistic UV-resistant winter camouflage pattern, and optional accessories that include: universal and heavy-duty hitch, wear-bar kit for extended life, and travel cover. These Shappell sleds are ideal for ice fishing, hunting, hauling firewood and more.

P-Line SS Fluorocarbon Salmon & Steelhead Leader
SS Fluorocarbon Leader was designed specifically for salmon and steelhead fishermen. The extreme invisibility of the line once it enters the water is one of the attributes which make it the perfect choice when fishing clear-water conditions. SS Fluorocarbon has the toughness and abrasion resistance needed to be an effective leader line, while maintaining enough flexibility to tie strong knots. With the latest advancements in fluorocarbon raw materials and extrusion technology, this product will raise the bar of what anglers come to expect out of fluorocarbon leader material. It is available in 6- to 40-pound-test in 100-yard spools.

Norvise Fly Tying Vise
As experienced fly tiers know, the revolutionary rotary fly-tying vise by Norvise has advantages over other rotary vises. Combined, these advantages make the Norvise a tool of both art and science, yielding a lifetime of fly-tying success. Norvise positions the hook on a perfect rotational centerline, allowing the hook to be spun, replacing tiresome hand-over-hand wrapping. With the shank of the hook always aligned to center, the material is “turned” or “spun” onto the hook. This is a real labor and frustration saver. Precision ball bearing and heavy brass hubs enable the Norvise to work like a spinning wheel for the world’s most fluid dubbing, creating perfectly shaped and textured bodies. Working thread, body materials and hackle are applied better, faster and easier than by any other method. The Norvise system accommodates several configurations—all quickly and easily mounted onto the vise arbor. These configurations will handle nearly any fly-tying situation, from tiny, delicate trout flies to large saltwater patterns. Each different configuration excels in certain applications. Norvise offers four rotary fly-tying jaws: Standard Inline Jaws, Large Jaws, Fine Point Jaws, and the Tube Fly System. The Norvise Fly Tying Vise comes standard with the Standard Inline Jaws and includes a matching Thread Post, Mounting Bolts, operating and set-up instructions, Hex Wrench, and an hour-long instructional video.

Beckman Nets BN2227C Coated Fishing Net
The BN2227C has a hoop length of 27 inches and width of 22 inches, with a bag depth of 24 inches. It’s suitable for trout, smaller salmon, char, grayling, etc. The BN2227C features their Quick-Connect Channel that allows for an ultra-fast connection of the handle to the yoke and a hoop with their Y-Bar construction for increased rigidity and stability. The one-piece aluminum yoke comes with a lifetime guarantee. The BN2227C is sold separately with your choice of handles; choose a hoop and pair it with the handle(s) of your choice.

SKB Cases 3i-4214-12-IF iSeries Ice Fishing Locker
The new SKB 3i-4214-12-IF iSeries Ice Fishing Locker is waterproof, USA-made, built to military specifications for strength and durability, and features ample room for all your ice-fishing gear—it can even serve as a towing sled and a bench on the ice! It holds up to six rods and reels, has a pull-out tray that reveals a large (40.5” x 11.5” x 5”) cavity for ice auger, tip-ups, and additional ice-fishing gear, includes four separate plastic divider boxes for tackle and has wheels and a tow handle for easy transport. It carries a lifetime warranty.

Salmon Sisters Xtratuf Boots
Practically all of Alaska’s women need a pair of Xtratufs. Over the last couple of years iconic commercial fishing sisters Emma Teal and Claire Neaton have been in the spotlight with their cool, ocean-inspired designs and this fall they have launched some new designs with their partners at Xtratuf. The new Jellyfish and Herring 6-inch Deck Boots for women (pictured here) are the low-top version that easily slips on and the new 15-inch Jellyfish Legacy Boot is perfect for fishing and getting around in wet conditions. They fold down to expose their cute jellyfish design.

Alaska Raft & Kayak Aire Tributary Tandem Inflatable Kayak
This Aire kayak offers plenty of value, with lots of features built into an entry-level-priced model. It features three main air chambers and two inflatable seats. The outer shell has been upgraded to make it more tear- and abrasion resistant. It includes Summit II valves for reliable inflation and deflation, and a self-bailing floor with mesh drain holes. It boasts D-rings at the bow and stern, 18 pairs of cargo loops and carry handles at the bow and stern. Consider this or some of the other options offered at Alaska Raft and Kayak for anglers on your holiday list.

Spot X
Outdoor enthusiasts are always on the move, so giving the gift of peace of mind won’t go unnoticed. SPOT keeps you connected to family, friends and emergency responders as well as protects your most valuable toys from theft. SPOT X two-way satellite messenger is the newest addition to the SPOT family. This hand-held device features a full keyboard, paper-lit screen, built-in rechargeable batteries and allows you to have direct communication with emergency services. Its unique phone number allows friends and family to contact you regardless of cellular coverage. The IP67 rating comes with all the functionality of the original SPOT products including GPS tracking, and check-in.

Smokehouse Mimi Moto Accessories
New from Smokehouse Products are accessories for their Mimi Moto Ultimate Wood-Fired Cook Stove including an Infrared Heater Accessory. The wood-fired flame from the cookstove heats the inner mesh of the heater accessory creating a red-hot glow with temperatures up to 1800oF. Use the heater on a table or on the ground to enjoy the nice, warm glow while sitting around your new wood-fired infrared heater. A new wood-fired cook stove with a heater accessory makes a great holiday gift for your outdoor-enthusiast loved ones who have everything.





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