Kenai River

Statewide look at Trophy Rainbow Trout

Lair of the Leviathan: Top Ten Spots for Trophy Rainbows by Troy Letherman All trophy trout hunters share in one bit of knowledge- to catch big trout, you must first go where they live. Read More...

Statewide look at Trophy Rainbow Trout2017-10-02T15:19:22-08:00

Salmon on the Swing

Salmon on the Swing By Troy Letherman Nearly every statement made about fly fishing, and fly fishing for Pacific salmon in particular, comes with a qualifier. If anything is categorically true, it's that Read More...

Salmon on the Swing2018-03-15T16:04:01-08:00

Kenai River Area Articles

Kenai River Articles Early-Season Fishing on the Kenai Peninsula Keeping the Kenai King Once & Again the Kenai Lair of the Leviathan Salmon on Read More...

Kenai River Area Articles2017-10-01T15:00:27-08:00

Recommended Kenai River Services

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Kenai River Sockeye

Sockeye Salmon Until one actually hooks their first sockeye salmon, it is hard to imagine such strength and speed is possible from such a compact fish. Likewise, it is unlikely that anyone can Read More...

Kenai River Sockeye2017-10-01T15:26:04-08:00

Kenai River Silver Salmon

Silver Salmon Kenai River silvers arrive in the nick of time: just about the time that one is completely burned out or turned off by the huge crowds, intense nature and necessary patience Read More...

Kenai River Silver Salmon2017-10-01T15:23:04-08:00

Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout & Dolly Varden Chile. New Zealand. Katmai. Destinations that quickly bring visions of giant trout when mentioned amongst trophy anglers. Add to this elite list the Kenai River, a place that Read More...

Rainbow Trout2017-10-01T15:31:14-08:00

King Salmon

King Salmon The name alone commands respect: King! But call it Chinook, tyee, blackmouth or any other, there is no doubt that it is the biggest and baddest of all salmon! And at Read More...

King Salmon2017-10-01T15:16:32-08:00

Fishing the Kenai River

Visit Kenai, Alaska; Every year the Kenai River delivers tremendous runs of king, sockeye, pink and silver salmon. More Kenai River: Overview Articles Fish Species Businesses Fishing Stocking Updates Kenai River OverviewThe Middle Kenai Read More...

Fishing the Kenai River2019-01-14T12:39:56-09:00

10 Hot Adventures for Fall

10 Hot Adventures for Fall By Troy Letherman With the sore-armed, sleep-deprived height of summer slipping into sinking-line and salmon-fly memory, it’s not unreasonable to assume a generally pouty demeanor. However, while I enjoy Read More...

10 Hot Adventures for Fall2018-03-15T16:12:05-08:00

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