Kenai River

The Little Big Things: Up Your Trout Game

This 35.5-inch rainbow trout was caught after spotting a new school of salmon on the fish finder. © Alaska Drift Away Fishing Story & Photos by Jeremy Anderson The sun is Read More...

The Little Big Things: Up Your Trout Game2018-04-11T10:41:56-08:00

192 Years of Trout Secrets

Tips and observations from some of the top guides and anglers on the Kenai River Mike Brown, Fly Shop Owner Mossy’s Fly Shop Email: mbrown@mossysflyshop.com Number of years on the Kenai: 25 years The Kenai Read More...

192 Years of Trout Secrets2018-04-19T09:28:35-08:00

Kenai All Around

Story by Troy Letherman A day on the river with Kenai River Sportfishing is a serene and exhilarating experience. © Alaska Wildland Adventures When it comes to fishing in Alaska, it’s Read More...

Kenai All Around2023-08-03T11:46:08-08:00

Kenai River Trout

Kenai River rainbows are renowned the world over, and for good reason, as these hefty trout suggest. Story and Photos by Nick Ohlrich From the opener on June 11 through late Read More...

Kenai River Trout2018-05-07T12:57:45-08:00

Kenai River Species

Sportfishing species on Alaska's Kenai River Kenai King Salmon Kenai River Silver Salmon Kenai River Reds Kenai Rainbow Trout & Dolly Varden

Kenai River Species2017-11-07T12:44:18-09:00

Kenai River

DragonFly Fishing Guides Andrew Scrivo, Owner/Guide Kenai River June 30, 2016 The Upper Kenai has been really hard to fish and borderline dangerous with the CFS up near 10,000. But fish can still Read More...

Kenai River2017-10-12T09:36:13-08:00

Early-Season Fishing on the Kenai Peninsula

Story & Photos by Nick Olrich Early-season fishing on the Kenai Penninsula offers a variety of options for anglers that are itching to get the open-water season underway. The top three options that Read More...

Early-Season Fishing on the Kenai Peninsula2023-07-25T15:25:50-08:00

Kenai River Fish Stocking Updates

More Kenai River: Overview Articles Fish Species Businesses Fishing Stocking Updates Alaska Fish Stocking Update For Kenai Alaska Lake Fishing Information  Back to Kenai River Area Page

Kenai River Fish Stocking Updates2018-02-17T18:57:24-09:00

Early Spring Frustration

Here's a fisherman's frustration. Just as the weather turns warm, and you get the fishing bug, you realize it's still not time to fish, at least on a river. Unless you're a little Read More...

Early Spring Frustration2018-09-27T12:15:03-08:00

Catch and Release on the Kenai

As many of Alaska's king salmon runs remain weak and anglers and guides continue to whine and cry about Chinook fishing in the Great Land "not being what it once was," it's refreshing Read More...

Catch and Release on the Kenai2018-08-20T21:17:08-08:00

The Mighty King

The Mighty King by Melissa Norris I love to eat king salmon. It's some of the finest fare around when handled properly, spiced nicely and cooked perfectly. That's why it was sad when, Read More...

The Mighty King2017-10-01T14:53:49-08:00

Mythbusting Kenai River Kings

Mythbusting: Kenai River Kings Story and Photos by Greg Brush The popular Discovery Channel series MythBusters is built on a simple but fascinating premise: what is often widely accepted as common knowledge can Read More...

Mythbusting Kenai River Kings2018-03-15T16:02:14-08:00

Trout & the Egg

Trout & the Egg By Troy Letherman For the Tlingit, salmon eggs are among the first foods fed to infants, beginning at just eight- or nine months of age. It's not an uncommon Read More...

Trout & the Egg2017-10-01T13:54:16-08:00

Once & Again the Kenai

Once & Again: The Kenai by Troy Letherman If there’s such a thing as insistence from flowing water, then the Kenai River insists we pay attention. One of the most famous salmon and Read More...

Once & Again the Kenai2017-10-01T13:36:00-08:00

Keeping the Kenai King

Longtime Fish Alaska contributing editor and columnist, and noted Kenai and Kasilof river guide Greg Brush penned this from-the-heart-and-brain post on the conservation of Kenai River kings. Greg's EZ Limit Guide Service has Read More...

Keeping the Kenai King2018-11-29T10:12:51-09:00


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