We’d found silver salmon nirvana. Hiking several miles up a remote stream in Southeast, we rounded a bend and there it was. A 7-foot waterfall . . . below it a hole the size of an Olympic swimming pool literally teeming with coho. The sun poked out from behind a cloud and the green moss and trees looked as if they were glowing. It was the kind of scene you dream about and I swear I could almost hear angels singing. Jig fishing silvers is great fun and highly productive.

Story and photos by JD Richey

Turn Silvers On With JIGS

Our casts arced high over the pool and plopped down in unison. With reel handles turning and heart rates racing, the spinners didn’t get devoured on the first revolution as we had anticipated. Nor the second or the third. In fact, the lures both made the journey through what could only be described as shark infested waters without so much as a pause. Uh-oh! The clouds suddenly darkened . . . This content is available for subscribers only.

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