Kenai Peninsula Fishing in August

Kenai Peninsula Fishing in August By Nigel Fox Chrome-bright rainbow caught August 3rd on the Kenai River. ©Jeff Murray photo. Kenai Peninsula Fishing: July is Great, but August is Even Better Kenai Read More...

Kenai Peninsula Fishing in August2020-07-28T14:19:04-08:00

Alaska Drift Away Fishing

Find articles and blogs by the pros at Alaska Drift Away Fishing below!

Alaska Drift Away Fishing2021-11-29T11:59:08-09:00

The Little Big Things: Up Your Trout Game

This 35.5-inch rainbow trout was caught after spotting a new school of salmon on the fish finder. © Alaska Drift Away Fishing Story & Photos by Jeremy Anderson The sun is Read More...

The Little Big Things: Up Your Trout Game2018-04-11T10:41:56-08:00

Kenai River Trout

Kenai River rainbows are renowned the world over, and for good reason, as these hefty trout suggest. Story and Photos by Nick Ohlrich From the opener on June 11 through late Read More...

Kenai River Trout2018-05-07T12:57:45-08:00

Pavlov’s Trout

Story & Photos By Nick Ohlrich Ivan Pavlov was a psychologist in the late 1800s and was the guy that would ring a bell just before he fed his dogs. When the dogs Read More...

Pavlov’s Trout2018-05-07T11:45:02-08:00

The Bead & A Trout Fisherman’s Journey

Meet Mr. Bead, probably the single most-effective rainbow trout attractor in Alaska. During the salmon spawn there’s very little reason to ever fish anything else. Story & Photos by Jeremy Anderson Read More...

The Bead & A Trout Fisherman’s Journey2018-05-07T12:00:36-08:00

Techniques for the Perfect Drift

Story & Photos by Nick Ohlrich “I think your drift is a touch fast. Try having your rod tip follow the indicator,” I said to my clients, who were making first casts in the Read More...

Techniques for the Perfect Drift2018-04-19T12:12:07-08:00

Photogenic Rainbow Trout

Story by Nick Ohlrich Photos by Alaska Drift Away Fishing This is going to be a big year. Sure, there is a presidential election in 2016, but more importantly, it’s a pink year Read More...

Photogenic Rainbow Trout2018-04-19T12:20:33-08:00

Midsummer Rainbows

Story & Photos by Jeremy Anderson Midsummer rainbow trout fishing offers more options than any other time of year, providing variety in your fishing as well as the kind of angling challenges that can Read More...

Midsummer Rainbows2018-04-19T12:22:05-08:00

The Dead-Drift vs. the Swing for Fall Rainbows

Story & Photos by Jeremy Anderson Rainbow trout fishing in the fall is probably one of the most exhilarating fishing experiences that one can enjoy when wetting a line, especially on the Kenai River. One Read More...

The Dead-Drift vs. the Swing for Fall Rainbows2018-04-19T12:15:54-08:00

Chasing Chrome

Early-season Rainbows on the Middle Kenai By Nick Ohlrich For trout enthusiasts in Alaska, June 11 is a very important date. For some of us, it may even rival December 25. June 11 is Read More...

Chasing Chrome2018-04-19T12:31:57-08:00

Lots of Ways to Skin a Silver

River Tactics for Coho Salmon Story by Jeremy Anderson Photos by Alaska Drift Away Fishing Silver salmon fishing is probably the most relaxing salmon fishing that Alaska offers. You don’t have the anxiety Read More...

Lots of Ways to Skin a Silver2018-05-07T12:23:16-08:00
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