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Category: Fly Fishing Articles

By Mike Lunde Round, cylindrical-shaped, a few inches in length and accompanied by a thin diameter—the generic plastic tube revolutionized and perhaps is the birthplace of the earliest tube flies. At a point in time where most flies were constructed on standardized hook shanks, tube flies provided distinct advantages that the conventional hook could not. […]

Alaska rainbow trout are some of the finest in the world. Trophies topping over 30 inches long loom in the rivers and creeks of the Greatland. Here are 5 top choices for Alaska rainbow trout. Story &a

On an Alaska steelhead adventure, one never knows what else to expect. Story by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr. Photos by Don & Lori Thomas T.S. Eliot claimed that April is the cruelest month, but what did he know? In Alaska, that’s when you start to enjoy more daylight than your friends and relatives Outside (a […]

 by Troy Letherman Back when the number of television channels could be counted on one hand – and when I might be pressed into antenna action with various sheets of tinfoil at any mome

Prompted by a spring that never came, leaving ice on the creeks and the trout unmolested far too deep into the calendar year, I had occasion to spend more time than anyone should thinking about some of my favorite fish memories. And I specifically mean fish memories, not favorite fishing memories, which would unnecessarily bring […]

An Introduction To Two-Handed Fly Fishing Story by Melissa Norris and Troy Letherman The truth is I am damaged goods. After decades of baseball/softball, dodgeball, skiing, fly fishing and a general

Fall Steelhead Primer By Troy Letherman It’s that time of year again, tail-end of the seasonal transition from fish-filled summer to the short, cold, dark days of winter, our rivers frozen over, ou

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