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Category: Fly Fishing Articles

Alaska’s Bearclaw Lodge: A Multi-Species Adventure Article by Marcus Weiner Photos by Marcus Weiner & Melissa Norris Alaska’s Bearclaw Lodge Alaska’s Bearclaw Lodge sits on a private parcel of land on a peninsula on Lake Aleknagik, with Jackknife Mountain as the backdrop, at the edge of the Wood-Tikchik state park. The park encompasses a vast, […]
Story by Cecelia “Pudge” Kleinkauf All the years I have lived in Alaska, I’ve heard about the Kanektok River in western Alaska, but I have never had an opportunity to fish it. As it happened, at a recent fly-fishing show, Paul Jacob and Steve Olufsen, the owners of Reel Action Lodge on that very river, […]

By Mike Lunde Round, cylindrical-shaped, a few inches in length and accompanied by a thin diameter—the generic plastic tube revolutionized and perhaps is the birthplace of the earliest tube flies. A

Tying Instructions By Larry Tullis – Wiggle Bug originator Note: The Tullis Wiggle Bug is a style of tying rather than a specific pattern and there are hundreds of variations possible. This basic version is relatively easy to tie but it is difficult for many to get the proportions and balance right. It may take […]

Alaska rainbow trout are some of the finest in the world. Trophies topping over 30 inches long loom in the rivers and creeks of the Greatland. Here are 5 top choices for Alaska rainbow trout. Story &a

 by Troy Letherman Back when the number of television channels could be counted on one hand – and when I might be pressed into antenna action with various sheets of tinfoil at any moment – I’d eagerly await the weekend’s Howard Cosell cameo in his horrible corporate blazer, getting my sporting fix through ABC’s decidedly diverse […]

Prompted by a spring that never came, leaving ice on the creeks and the trout unmolested far too deep into the calendar year, I had occasion to spend more time than anyone should thinking about some o

An Introduction To Two-Handed Fly Fishing Story by Melissa Norris and Troy Letherman The truth is I am damaged goods. After decades of baseball/softball, dodgeball, skiing, fly fishing and a general “push it until it can’t go any more” mentality, my shoulder is just about thrashed. Once a week I even see a myofascialist (Thomas […]

Fall Steelhead Primer By Troy Letherman It’s that time of year again, tail-end of the seasonal transition from fish-filled summer to the short, cold, dark days of winter, our rivers frozen over, ou

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