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Category: Ice Fishing Articles

Story and photos by Paul D. Atkins My snowmachine stood ready in the front yard, much like a horse waiting for its rider. The big blue sled made by Northern Sledworks sat at its rear loaded down with gear for the day’s sheelfish ice fishing events. The blue plastic tub that was LoopRoped inside the […]

Chris Daw held an air horn high above his head, gave a yell and pulled the trigger at exactly 10:00am.“BLAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAT.” So began the first Big Lake Fishing Derby on March 19, 2011. Story

For those of sound and sane mind, winter in Alaska is a time to tie flies, sharpen hooks, and oil reels. It’s a time for snowmachining, skiing, and ice-skating and is generally the time to catch

Approach a new lake with confidence and know-how By George Krumm You’ve all seen the pictures. Mammoth lake trout; stunning Arctic char, perhaps large northern pike or a limit of stocked rainbow trout; all of these caught through the ice. Yet ice fishing seems so foreign. You can’t see into the lake; all you see […]
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