Ice Fishing for Sheefish: World Record Fun

Ice fishing through four- to eight feet of ice in northwest Alaska is not something you'd want to do for stocked trout. Sheefish, however?

Ice Fishing for Sheefish: World Record Fun2020-10-16T15:05:23-08:00

Arctic Wonder

Story and photos by Paul D. Atkins My snowmachine stood ready in the front yard, much like a horse waiting for its rider. The big blue sled made by Northern Sledworks sat at Read More...

Arctic Wonder2018-08-20T15:20:15-08:00

Big Lake Fishing Derby

Chris Daw held an air horn high above his head, gave a yell and pulled the trigger at exactly 10:00am.“BLAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAT.” So began the first Big Lake Fishing Derby on March 19, 2011. Story Read More...

Big Lake Fishing Derby2018-10-21T21:47:38-08:00

Icefishing by Argo

For those of sound and sane mind, winter in Alaska is a time to tie flies, sharpen hooks, and oil reels. It's a time for snowmachining, skiing, and ice-skating and is generally the Read More...

Icefishing by Argo2018-10-21T22:25:08-08:00

Approach a New Lake

Approach a new lake with confidence and know-how By George Krumm You've all seen the pictures. Mammoth lake trout; stunning Arctic char, perhaps large northern pike or a limit of stocked rainbow trout; Read More...

Approach a New Lake2018-09-19T17:07:13-08:00

Icefishing in the Frozen Far North

Article and photos by Paul D. Atkins As during so many springs in the past, I fueled and oiled my snowmachine the night before. My wooden sled, made by one of my Native Read More...

Icefishing in the Frozen Far North2018-01-08T13:43:43-09:00
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