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How-to plan fishing trips in Alaska of all kinds as well as how-to catch more fish, the gear needed to do it, Alaska seafood recipes and much more

Jason Rivers: Tying, Unconventionally

Aside from doling out hours to the fly-tying vise, Jason Rivers manages a small conglomerate of fishing and tackle operations.

Jason Rivers: Tying, Unconventionally2021-08-04T09:43:19-08:00

Eklutna River Salmon

The Eklutna River currently has less than one percent of its historic summertime stream flow, which is woefully inadequate to support fish and maintain healthy fish habitat.

Eklutna River Salmon2021-07-29T09:47:13-08:00

Spey Fishing Advantages

by Melissa Norris Spey fishing advantages are numerous and fishing for trout and salmon this way could easily become an addiction. The very first time I learned the basics of casting Skagit style Read More...

Spey Fishing Advantages2021-07-31T11:26:49-08:00

Salmonfest 2021 is a Go!

Well that was a crazy year, and then some, for all of us. One of the many things we have missed as a community are music festivals like Salmonfest, but the good news is it’s game on this year!

Salmonfest 2021 is a Go!2021-07-22T15:12:17-08:00

Tipping Fishing Guides

How to Tip Fishing Guides and Other Industry Service Providersby Melissa Norris I have often been asked about tipping fishing guides and the other service providers who make up the sportfishing industry—Captains, deckhands, Read More...

Tipping Fishing Guides2021-07-21T14:13:27-08:00

Camping the Kenai by RV

Camping the Kenai Blog &Photos by Joe Byers After Renting a 24-foot motorhome from GoNorth RV, we headed down Route 1, the main highway transecting the Kenai Peninsula. Exploring Alaska by Read More...

Camping the Kenai by RV2021-07-08T08:42:04-08:00

Halibut Fishing: From the Surf

Halibut fishing blog & photos by Joe Byers Our gang peeks through the day's catch. Halibut Fishing from the Surf—a Ninilchik Launch Is Truly Unique The highlight of our one-week Alaskan Read More...

Halibut Fishing: From the Surf2021-07-01T08:53:21-08:00

George Krumm: Behind the Vice

Krumm’s stillwater forte was particularly intriguing, not just because he has racked up an impressive resume of big fish using nothing but his wits, his flies, and his float tube..

George Krumm: Behind the Vice2021-06-30T11:14:18-08:00

A Conversation with Sockeye Salmon Guru Steve Kurian

Today, Steve takes the same pride in fishing for and processing sockeye salmon that he did 20 years ago when he brought those first couple coolers of fillets home. Jenn is both his business and fishing partner.

A Conversation with Sockeye Salmon Guru Steve Kurian2021-06-22T11:30:02-08:00

Kenai Peninsula Steelhead

Kenai Peninsula Steelhead blog by Nigel FoxPhotos by Jeff Murray Kenai Peninsula Steelhead: Deep Creek, Anchor River, and more When you think of the Kenai Peninsula, salmon fishing is the first Read More...

Kenai Peninsula Steelhead2021-06-29T11:07:18-08:00

The Conscious Angler

The Conscious Anglerby Dave Atcheson Caring for our rivers and fisheries now ensures that future generations have the same great fishing opportunities we do today. © Nelli Williams Fishing, for many Read More...

The Conscious Angler2021-06-21T11:35:04-08:00

Best Kids Gear for Alaska’s Outdoor Families: Plus a Few Tips

https://youtu.be/zVk5ezj-06g by Melissa Norris and Nelli Williams Best kids boots, coats, rainwear, waders and more as rated by the creators of Fish Alaska magazine. Two Alaska Moms offer their sage advice as industry Read More...

Best Kids Gear for Alaska’s Outdoor Families: Plus a Few Tips2021-06-22T12:45:02-08:00

What is a WaterBoy?

Being a WaterBoy isn’t an easy job. On an average day in July a WaterBoy can easily be responsible for deploying and retrieving 100+ boats per day.

What is a WaterBoy?2021-06-14T11:36:03-08:00

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