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How-to plan fishing trips in Alaska of all kinds as well as how-to catch more fish, the gear needed to do it, Alaska seafood recipes and much more

Topper Popper Sheefish

This Arctic Alaska sheefish story and photos are by Dan Paull Arctic Alaska sheefish or Inconnu (derived from the French word for “unknown thing”) have been a wonder to a lot of Read More...

Topper Popper Sheefish2023-01-31T14:56:18-09:00

February 2023 Gear Bag

Fishing Gear Bag Having just the right fishing gear to tackle Alaska's waters is really important. The team at Fish Alaska has decades of experience and are excited to share what's new Read More...

February 2023 Gear Bag2023-01-31T14:51:26-09:00

Boating Accessories Part 3

Anchoring systems is the focus of Part III of the Fish Alaska vlog series on Boating Accessories. Editor George Krumm talks about items at the bow end of his boat, Read More...

Boating Accessories Part 32023-01-06T14:57:35-09:00

Big Fish Stories from Bristol Bay

Bristol Bay Big Fish Stories from 2022 Story by Meghan Barker Following a record-breaking 2022 sockeye salmon season, we checked in with Trout Unlimited Save Bristol Bay Guide Ambassadors and other friends Read More...

Big Fish Stories from Bristol Bay2022-12-26T12:34:04-09:00

Boating Accessories Part 2

Tackle organization is an important concept, when you fish from the bank or from a boat. In this video, Fish Alaska Editor George Krumm shares information how he organizes tackle Read More...

Boating Accessories Part 22022-12-01T13:53:28-09:00

Nature Knows Best

Nature Knows Best: Stream restoration recreates natural features found in healthy salmon streams Story by Marian Giannulis Photos by Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition A remote salmon stream in the Tongass National Forest, Read More...

Nature Knows Best2022-11-21T17:45:23-09:00

Boating Accessories Part 1

Boating accessories are among the most impactful items you can add to your boat to make it fish better. In this video, Fish Alaska Editor George Krumm shares information Read More...

Boating Accessories Part 12022-11-01T12:05:12-08:00

Creating a Tribal Restoration Workforce

Creating a Tribal Restoration Workforce Story and photos by Marian Giannulis The rain slowly fell on a cool May morning as a small crowd of people gathered in a pullout alongside an Read More...

Creating a Tribal Restoration Workforce2022-09-29T16:18:11-08:00

Making Spey Swivels

by George Krumm Spey swivels prevent twist in your running line, thereby reducing the frustration and downtime that twisted, coiled, kinked running line causes. They make your running line perform Read More...

Making Spey Swivels2022-09-30T15:35:15-08:00

Making Double Braided Loops

by George Krumm Double braided loops will help make the factory loops of your fly lines and sink-tips last indefinitely. They serve as the junction between sink-tips and leader material, or Read More...

Making Double Braided Loops2022-09-30T15:35:59-08:00

Twitching Jigs for Salmon

Tying Twitching Jigs for Salmon by George Krumm Twitching Jigs have become one of the most popular river salmon-fishing techniques over the past several years. It’s a technique that is hands-on, can Read More...

Twitching Jigs for Salmon2022-08-01T09:45:00-08:00

Eklutna River Update

A Future for the Eklutna River: Returning water and salmon to a Southcentral stream Story by Eric Booton In early September 2021, I walked the upper reaches of the Eklutna River canyon Read More...

Eklutna River Update2022-07-26T11:38:31-08:00

Mono Spinners

How to Make Mono Spinners (Soft Spinners) by George Krumm Every angler knows what a spinner is, but not nearly as many know what a mono spinner, sometimes called a soft spinner, Read More...

Mono Spinners2022-07-28T13:33:20-08:00

The Reaper: Halibut Rigging

By George Krumm Halibut rigging in Alaska often involves size 12/0 to 20/0 circle hooks fished on or near the bottom, baited with chunks of large herring, salmon parts, octopus, or other Read More...

The Reaper: Halibut Rigging2022-07-28T13:25:22-08:00


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