Alaska Fishing Tips

How-to plan fishing trips in Alaska of all kinds as well as how-to catch more fish, the gear needed to do it, Alaska seafood recipes and much more

Spiral Wrapped Fishing Rod

Spiral wrapped fishing rods are stable under heavy loads, making them especially well suited to fishing for large Alaska bottomfish. The simple spiral is the simplest, and for many types of rods, Read More...

Spiral Wrapped Fishing Rod2023-08-01T15:15:33-08:00

August/September 2023 Gear Bag

As the peak of summer gives way to August and September the last of the salmon runs come and go and autumn fishing begins in September. Our editors have selected some of Read More...

August/September 2023 Gear Bag2023-08-17T11:54:58-08:00

Fish Handling: Caring For Your Catch

Fish handling the right way is a very important topic for wildlife conservationists and sports fishermen everywhere. Proper fish handling techniques aim to minimize the impact on released fish and respectfully process Read More...

Fish Handling: Caring For Your Catch2023-07-28T14:06:32-08:00

Sockeye Salmon Fishing

Sockeye salmon fishing is an extremely exciting sport. Many anglers consider them the pound-for-pound strongest fish that swims in Alaska. It’s not uncommon for a 7-pound sockeye to make a mockery of Read More...

Sockeye Salmon Fishing2023-07-25T14:16:06-08:00

No Bait, No Problem

Story and photos by Nigel Fox Catch King Salmon Fisherman and moose hanging out on the river. The two main rivers fished for king salmon on the Kenai Peninsula are Read More...

No Bait, No Problem2023-07-11T06:25:40-08:00

Uncharted Water: Mapping Alaska’s Undocumented Fish Habitat

Uncharted water around Alaska presents an opportunity to increase protected habitat for anadromous fish species. Projects from Trout Unlimited and Alaska Department of Fish and Game aim to document these waters with Read More...

Uncharted Water: Mapping Alaska’s Undocumented Fish Habitat2023-06-28T10:35:16-08:00

July 2023 Gear Bag

Salmon fishing gear, and the gear you'll need for other species, always include rods and fillet knives. In addition to those, we've included some summer footwear and a couple off road vehicles Read More...

July 2023 Gear Bag2023-07-27T09:48:37-08:00

Kasilof River Reds

Kasilof River Fishing Story and photos by Nick Ohlrich Are you looking to find an alternative to the shoulder-to-shoulder “combat fishing” found on the Russian and Kenai Rivers in June and July? Read More...

Kasilof River Reds2023-07-26T15:00:23-08:00

June 2023 Gear Bag

Gear for fishing recommended by the Editors and expert anglers at Fish Alaska magazine. All things considered, these items are some of our current favorite gear. Sleeping bags, waders, fishing nets as Read More...

June 2023 Gear Bag2023-07-27T09:49:22-08:00

Eklutna Salmon’s Long Journey Home

River Restoration at Eklutna River Story by Eric Booton In 1929, a 70-foot-tall, 100-foot-wide concrete dam was built on the Eklutna River blocking the journey of all five species of wild Alaska Read More...

Eklutna Salmon’s Long Journey Home2023-05-26T13:25:21-08:00

The Deshka River, a Sportfish Haven and Science Subject

The Deshka River Story by Marian Giannulis It’s not easy to stand out among Alaska’s many famed and beloved rivers, but one stream in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley is of particular importance to Read More...

The Deshka River, a Sportfish Haven and Science Subject2023-06-06T06:53:31-08:00

May 2023 Gear Bag

New fishing gear is one of the exciting parts of getting ready for an upcoming fishing season. After waiting all winter, it's finally time to start getting ready. The May 2023 Gear Read More...

May 2023 Gear Bag2023-05-01T09:20:12-08:00

The Value of Patience

Nymphing the Upper Chena River, the author's daughter Courtney Carroll finished the season by finding a few late-season holdouts. © Daniel Hoffman Ready for fishing? Story by Daniel Hoffman It’s Read More...

The Value of Patience2023-04-14T16:56:12-08:00


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