Alaska Fishing Tips

How-to plan fishing trips in Alaska of all kinds as well as how-to catch more fish, the gear needed to do it, Alaska seafood recipes and much more

Kenai Guides Create Waves in the Name of Conservation

The Kenai Guide Ambassador Program, launched by Trout Unlimited Alaska in 2023, empowers fishing guides to practice and promote sustainable angling and fish habitat conservation on the Kenai River. The Read More...

Kenai Guides Create Waves in the Name of Conservation2024-06-24T11:36:46-08:00

Tale of Two Montana Creeks

Both Montana Creeks in Juneau and Talkeetna, Alaska, have undergone community-led restoration, preserving fishing for future generations. Alaska has thousands of rivers, streams, and creeks, so it’s no surprise that some Read More...

Tale of Two Montana Creeks2024-05-31T15:34:40-08:00

June Gear Bag

Performance fishing gear maximizes your experience on the water, providing durability, comfort, and functionality for every angling adventure. Here are the latest recommendations from the experts at Fish Alaska. Performance Read More...

June Gear Bag2024-05-30T14:12:10-08:00

Conservation: A Look at the Bright Side

Kenai River Sportfishing Association, Alaska's largest advocacy organization for sportfishing, is dedicated to conservation efforts. Learn about their efforts around the state and how you can contribute to the cause. by Read More...

Conservation: A Look at the Bright Side2024-05-03T12:54:05-08:00

Ramping up Restoration

Restoring rivers and waterways in Alaska is crucial for enhancing fish habitat and promoting ecological balance in the region. Story by Marian Giannulis Alaska has a wide variety of fish habitats Read More...

Ramping up Restoration2024-05-03T12:18:52-08:00

May 2024 Gear Bag

Fishing gear essentials for Alaska: Our product recommendations include durable pliers, sharp fillet knives, and effective bait and hooks, and more, ensuring you're equipped for the challenges of fishing in Alaska's waters. Read More...

May 2024 Gear Bag2024-05-22T11:49:01-08:00

High Water Fishing Tactics for Kenai Rainbows

High water fishing presents significant challenges, as the swift currents and discolored waters make it more difficult to locate and catch fish effectively. Check out these tips from Nigel Fox for a Read More...

High Water Fishing Tactics for Kenai Rainbows2024-05-24T14:21:43-08:00

How To Sell An Alaskan Lodge

Alaskan lodge transactions require careful consideration for both buyers and sellers. Discover key insights on timing, sale types, and operational decisions from John Herrity with Hayden Outdoors. Blog by John Herrity Read More...

How To Sell An Alaskan Lodge2024-04-24T10:49:57-08:00

Guide to Shrimping in Prince William Sound

Shrimping enthusiasts love Prince William Sound for its abundant shrimp populations and breathtaking scenery. Learn how to fill your pots and freezer with this delicious, sweet shrimp. by Nick Olzenak Shrimping Read More...

Guide to Shrimping in Prince William Sound2024-04-10T16:37:27-08:00

State of the Salmon

State of the Salmon: The declining populations of wild salmon pose a significant concern. Discover insights from biologists on the current situation and learn about actionable steps you can take to contribute Read More...

State of the Salmon2024-04-09T12:20:54-08:00

April 2024 Gear Bag

What stuff do you need for fishing? A state fishing license, fishing rod and reel, line, fishing weights, fishhooks, and a selection of  bait or lures is just the start. Below are Read More...

April 2024 Gear Bag2024-05-22T12:22:12-08:00

The Story of Wool

Wool excels for outdoor pursuits like fishing, thanks to its sustainability, breathability, thermo-regulating properties, and other benefits. Throughout the millennia, wool has been unmatched by other textiles in terms of Read More...

The Story of Wool2024-03-12T14:45:24-08:00
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